You Better Watch Out…You Better Not Cry… A Guest Post from Amy!

Hi Everybody, Alyssa here! My lovely friend Amy from Amy’s Writes wrote this post about the holiday season stressers – especially when trying to watch your weight. Amy’s been a great friend to me in Los Angeles and I often think she steals thoughts right out of my head! Read her post and chime in!

Fun fact! Amy and I once dressed as twins for Halloween. When we worked at the same company people confused us for eachother all the time! And NO, we don't usually wear sweaters like that.

Fun fact! Amy and I once dressed as twins for Halloween. When we worked at the same company people confused us for eachother all the time! And NO, we don’t usually wear sweaters like that.

I think I’m afraid of the holidays. Over the past view years, I’ve noticed a crippling anxiety that overtakes me during the holiday season, and each year it seems to get a little worse. Now as much as I pride myself on my talent for collecting obscure phobias, even I can see that this is one I’d be better off without. The holidays are supposed to be a time of joy, celebration, thankfulness, and family. And while I do feel all of that, each year those warm and fuzzy feelings are overshadowed just a bit more by sheer terror!

What’s there to be afraid of? It’s just a month long orgy of shopping with money you don’t have, eating foods you normally wouldn’t touch, and fighting crowds to go to places where people you don’t know will wish you “happy holidays” through gritted teeth…oh and guilt…don’t forget the guilt! What so bad about that?

Okay I really don’t want to sound like a Grinch, because the truth is that I do love the holidays and I want to continue to love the holidays. Just like most of you, the holidays hold a precious and nostalgic place in my heart. Unfortunately, that place in my heart is already padded with a layer of winter fat from the constant parade of holiday treats being served up by my coworkers on a daily basis. I wish I could just enjoy the seasonal goodies as the goodhearted and generous gestures they are. As a carboholic though, those treats leave me tiptoeing in and out of the office kitchen as though alerting the sweets to my presence will cause them to leap into my mouth and immediately attach themselves to my thighs.

Look at what was lurking in Amy's office. I couldn't resist, either.

Look at what was lurking in Amy’s office. I couldn’t resist, either.

I don’t want to have to avoid all my favorite things. I would love to just indulge carelessly the way many of my friends seem able to. But I can’t. Eating just one chocolate truffle from the office kitchen could easily drive me into a sugar spiral where I spend the rest of the day forcing as much candy-coated-fat down my throat as I can get my hands on. That’s just how my brain works, and until I accept that, I’m probably going to spend many holidays feeling more bitter than sweet.

So the holidays ARE a bit inconvenient. Okay, they can be downright annoying, and they certainly are stressful. There’s never enough money or time to get gifts, and each year the list of people who deserve and expect gifts seems to double. The food is everywhere, and putting on a nice cuddly layer of winter fat is pretty much unavoidable. But I have to admit, the holidays are still pretty great. Okay, I said it. They’re great. I guess I still do love this time of year more than I hate it, and if anything, the holidays are a chance for me to show a little love and acceptance to the one person I always leave in the cold…myself. I can’t be perfect over the holidays, but if I just stop torturing myself for a minute, I’m pretty sure I can be happy. After all, a little chubby, a little poor, stressed out and totally neurotic, I still have a whole lot to celebrate!

7 thoughts on “You Better Watch Out…You Better Not Cry… A Guest Post from Amy!

  1. I love giving gifts but I always feel guilty for spending money I don’t have. This is the time of year where I add to my credit card and then spend the coming year trying to pay it down! I don’t buy big expensive gifts, I just have a lot of people I want to treat to something small and nice and it all adds up! We all have our reasons to love and hate the holiday season! Love the family time and togetherness hate the “extras” that tempt us!

  2. Ugh, yes to everything you said!! I’m always so torn during the holidays – if I spend money on gifts, I feel guilty. If I don’t buy gifts, I feel guilty. If I eat too many holiday treats (they only come around once a year!) I feel guilty, if I don’t eat them at all, I regret it! If only we could just enjoy the holiday and not torture ourselves, as you said.

  3. Nice post, Amy! Very funny!

    I’ve dealt with my guilt of spending by only paying cash for what I give. That way, it’s real easy for me to manage how much I’m spending because I directly see it dwindling from my wallet.

    I still have yet to find a way to deal with the over eating of sweets though!

  4. Great post Amy! As a fellow “Carbaholic” I know exactly what you mean. Walking into the break room or past the Admin’s bowl of candy is an exercise of willpower for me.

  5. We would totally be friends. Hi my name is Kelly and I’m a carboholic. And I also have issue just enjoying one bit of a holiday treat. When I have that stuff in the house it’s torture and binging, so I end up feeling the same about the holiday season. I haven’t weighed in since before the holidays and I think I’m going to make myself weigh in tomorrow. I’ve been doing good since Christmas but you never know how it will end up! I’m just glad the season of guilt and remorse is over 🙂

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