Winner of the Bag O’ Awesomeness – and More Awesomeness!

Hey everybody! Two pieces of good news today! The first is the winner of the 150 fan giveaway – Heather!

Heather was lucky #15, the winner generated from the kind folks at Congrats, Heather! I’ll contact you to hook you up with your prize!

Thank you to everybody who played! We’ll have more giveaways coming soon. My second piece of good news is that after about a week and a half of the scale staying EXACTLY THE SAME… the scale shifted today in the downward trend of 1.6 pounds, bringing my total weight loss to 10.6 pounds. YAY!

I managed to lose weight despite eating some yummy things like steak and watermelon margaritas, but I think most of it can be accredited to my portion control lately. I’m really trying to remember that just because it’s on my plate doesn’t mean I have to eat it – challenging, but doable.

What’s your good news for the day?


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