What’s in my Pantry? Round 1

Hey peeps. Sorry it took me a bit to get to this post, life is kaaa-razzzz-yyyy right now. Can’t wait till school’s over – As of may 17, I’ll be half way done with my Master’s Degree! Woo, woo! Anyhoodles – let’s take a peek into the Curran pantry, shall we?

Top Pantry - canned goods.

Pretty standard, right? Nothing too too bad, though some would argue cooking with coconut milk is like pumping lard straight into your veins….

The junky part of my pantry.

Ok – here we go. This is the bad part, haha – or as I call it, carb central.

  • Pretzel Slims. So crunchy… so salty… so addictive.
  • Way in the back, Pita Puffs. They’re like pita cracker pillow things. Not very impressive. (From TJs)
  • You can’t see it, but there’s a big box of 100-cal popcorn. Yum.
  • Crystal Light Pure Fitness. This stuff is kind of meh compared to the original Crystal Light, but it keeps me from swigging 10,000 cans of Diet Coke a day.
  • Pop Tarts. I wasn’t fooled by the “20% Fiber” claims.. I know they’re still crap at 190 calories a piece. Sugar bomb!
  • Apple Watermelon Dried Fruit Snacks. These are just ok. They’ve been in there awhile.
  • Another thing you can’t really see- Trader Joe’s individually packaged Kettle Corn. Delicious!
  • Golden Raisins (old people food, but necessary for banana bread)
  • 100 Calorie Pack generic cheez-its. Don’t buy ’em, they taste nothing like the real things.
  • Golden Grahams – Matt must’ve bought these because I had no idea we had them.
  • Blue Diamond Smokehouse Almonds. LOVE these. Filling, so salty…
  • Fancy Feast – It’s the latest diet fad! (For my kittehs)
  • 1 Giant Sack of Chocolate Whey Protein Powder. For after a good work out.

I feel that this part of the pantry definitely reveals more of my eating habits. My weakness is all about the carb – and the salt. If it’s crunchy and salty, I’m all over it. I also realize from writing this blog that there are a lot of things in my pantry that have been there an embarassingly long time because they didn’t suit my fancy (I can count three or four things on the list above. heh) Perhaps the lesson is I need to clean out my pantry more often?

So come on – some other bloggers should post a picture of their pantry. It’s fun! and revealing! and let’s you know what’s probably covered in mold or stale to the point of breaking a tooth! 🙂

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