What I Ate Wednesday!

Hello everybody! Today I’m participating in the “What I ate Wednesday: Summer Staples” version. I’m traveling for work so my eating has been a little wacky -thankfully as I prepared for this post though I realized it hasn’t been too bad!

What I ate today!

I started the morning with my “Summer Staple” of yogurt. I’ve been obsessed with Greek yogurt for awhile, but since I’m back in the North bay, I treated myself to some organic Clover Stornetta cream top. Clover Stornetta is a local creamery from my hometown of Petaluma, so I always love to support their dairy when I’m in the area. It’s so tasty and that little bit of extra cream is super decadent and feels like a nice morning treat. I also had some English breakfast tea and a plum (not pictured).

One of the benefits of working for a techy company is free lunch! Today I ordered traditional curried chicken tenders with grilled vegetables over basmati rice. The flavors were amazing – simple yet exotic, and the little bit of spice was great for this cold I have that just won’t go away. (Any tips for me?! I’ve tried Emergen-C, sleep, dayquil, tea, honey and lemon, rain dancing…)

I had a cup of fresh mixed berries as a snack – perfect fuel for energy without being too heavy or sugar-dense.

I worked late and came back to my studio searching high and low for delivery since I was too lazy to walk anywhere (truth). I finally found a highly-rated Chinese place and ordered spicy green beans with chicken and vegetable chowmein. I was too stuffed to hack into the chow mein after my spicy green beans, but I did eat two fortune cookies with some Oolong tea.

It was a yummy day of food, and if there’s anything I can thank this cold for, it’s that my appetite is not its usual guns-a-blazing. I’m still eating plenty, but I’m focusing on the right portion sizes and trying to remember to balance out protein, vegetable and starch. High 5 for healthy eating while out of town! How’s your week going, food wise?


5 thoughts on “What I Ate Wednesday!

  1. That yogurt sounds like my new favorite thing!

    Re: colds – I drink water. Sooooooo much water. Hydrate your system, you’ll feel better. Time is probably the only thing that really gets rid of colds, but the water certainly can’t hurt. Up your intake x2. I like to drink SmartWater when sick, because of the electrolytes. Feel better!

  2. I didn’t realize that you’re originally from the North Bay – very cool. I see the yogurt in the stores everywhere, but I’ve never tried it. It sounds like the perfect indulgence for me when I have a week of spot-on eating/workouts.

    In terms of cold killers, this isn’t going to help with your current cold, but I swear it will demolish a future cold. The moment you start to feel like you *might* have the hint of a cold, take Alka-Seltzer Plus at night before bed, and keep taking it at night before bed for 2 more days. The cold won’t have a chance to get started. I do this in combo with taking daily EmergenC and it really helps.

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