What gets me through the hard days? Humor.

Hi everyone! This week’s weigh in was kind of a bummer because I gained a little bit of weight, and consequently, cut my calories a little bit. I even wondered what I should do on the blog…fess up? not mention it? And then I realized, the whole point of this blog is to stay honest to myself, so I gotta keep it real! I get so discouraged sometimes with weight loss – it seems like its the one thing in my life so far that I just cannot do! However, I know that hard days and times like this will pass, and I have to keep going, and never give up. So when I need a little more pep in my step, I always look to things that will make me laugh – and lately, that’s been Pinterest! Enjoy some of the health related funnies and motivational little pix that have made me smile today! Also, if you’re on pinterest, follow me! I’m @lyssacurran .

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One thought on “What gets me through the hard days? Humor.

  1. first let me say everyone is different. everyone loses differently, has different cravings and different energy levels.

    … but as someone who tried calorie counting before, this was the one thing i hated about it! i honestly feel like the calories burned are not honest [i would sweat my arse off and it would say i burned xxx calories and i would be under the daily intake all week and still gain weight] in all of these apps. I’ve tried dailyplate, the livestrong app and my fitness pal- all with the same yo yo, or worse GAINING results. I feel like it is way too liberal and so you think you are better off than you are. The only advice I can give you is when you are tracking your exercise put it to the lowest possible exertion allowed and track fewest amount of calories burned.

    It takes a lot of work and absolutely no cheating the first few months. I didnt eat my vice [candy] for my first 9 months on WW. Keep it up!

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