What do you LOVE about your body?

Happy Valentine’s Day! Whether or not you enjoy this holiday, April had a great idea that in the spirit of love, we each share a few things we LOVE about our bodies. It can be hard in our society, especially for women, to embrace what some perceive as flaws, but ultimately, I know the path to a healthy body includes working on a healthy mind; acknowledging the fantastic things my body can do and be at any size. Please read what April and I love about our bodies, and then, we challenge you to comment with one thing you love about your body. If you don’t feel comfortable commenting or can’t think of anything, know this: you are unique, you are beautiful, you are loved.

April, Alyssa, and Tommy at an age when body image didn't matter.  What matters was who got the coolest shell.

Here’s what Alyssa had to say about her body…

plus size wedding gown corset bodice lace victorian dress

Corset dresses were made for curves!

1) I love my womanly shape. I’ve always said in regards to my weight loss plans that I don’t need to be skinny, I just want to be healthy. I want a little “ba-donk-a-donk” or junk in my trunk. I love that I have big hips, an ample bottom and a voluptuous chest. I’m proud of my hourglass figure, and without it, couldn’t have rocked my corset-style wedding gown.

2) I love my hands. As a writer, my hands are the vehicle for my livelihood. They also help me do some of my favorite things – bake and decorate cupcakes, plant flowers, paint my nails, pet my kittens, text my friends.

3) I love my strength. Despite being obese, I’ve always been proud of how strong I am. I can carry my own groceries, I can open doors, I can flex, and bend, and stretch and feel my muscles working.

4) I love my height. A lot of tall girls say they hate being tall, but not me! Never once have I had to ask someone to reach something for me. It can be annoying to find pants that fit, but I love being tall and would be lying if I said I didn’t feel more powerful because of my lucky five feet and nine inches.

Dewy and milky is fine with me!

Dewy and milky is fine with me!

5) I love my skin. I have a very milky white complexion and I used to be embarrassed of how pale I was. Now, I realize that not everyone needs to be tanned to be pretty, and I will happily accept compliments about my “peaches n cream” skin and “lovely complexion”. My cheeks turn a pretty rosy pink, and I look great in purple and black. No shame in being ghostly!

And here’s what April had to say about her body…

It can be rather hard to remember to love your body if you have struggled with weight or other physical appearance insecurities, especially if you’ve been reminded of what you don’t like about yourself from sharp-tongued others.  However, as fast as your self esteem balloon can be deflated, it can easily be filled up again when someone kinder pays you a compliment or perhaps you find the confidence to overlook harsh words.

It has taken me many years to be able to say that I love my body and even though I struggle with shame over my weight, I still am grateful for the body that I have and what it enables me to do.

– I *love* my legs.  I’m 5’11” and like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, I’ve got “88 inches of therapy” to wrap around Richard Gere when he’s feeling blue…   Or more realistically to be able to step over fences and reach top shelf items with ease.  My legs also enable me to be “sturdy like a tree” in ska mosh pits so I don’t get knocked down and they also provide me with some extremely awesome balance… which has helped a lot in yoga.

Julia and Richard with her 88 inches of legs.

Julia and Richard with her 88 inches of legs.

– I also love my hips.  I once was not a fan of my hips but after being told enough times now that they’re awesome, I have come to appreciate the way my waist curves around my hips and how I get this sexy little bump when I lay on my side.

– This may be strange, but I love my fingers!  I always joke about how my fingers are the only skinny part about me.  They’re super long and I am said to have “piano hands”, which means when I spread them out as far as I can go, they can hit 11 piano keys.  I get random compliments on my hands too, some are nice and come from grocery store clerks and such… and some are creepy.  Thanks, okcupid, for helping me receive the creepy comments.

– The last part of my body I adore are my shoulders.  I think most women are a fan of their shoulders because it’s a part of our bodies that are very feminine and lead to some our other best assets (BOOBS!).  My shoulders lead to my least favorite part (ARMS!) but it doesn’t stop me from rocking strapless tops and dresses in opportunity to show them off.  I also love shoulders on men, it’s just something about that clavicle bone that is so attractive to me, haha.

April loving her body and showing off her great balancing skills!

April loving her body and showing off her great balancing skills!

Ok ladies (and gents), it’s your turn.

What is one thing you LOVE about your body?

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7 thoughts on “What do you LOVE about your body?

  1. This is a great post! A great reminder to love what our bodies are capable of and to be grateful for our abilities 🙂 I have a few favorite things:
    My skin color, I like that I tan easily and never get sunburned (I did once on my nose for a day). I know lots of women go to tanning beds and spend money on spray tans. I don’t feel the need to do that because I have a natural warm complexion.
    I also like my legs, I think most of my strength lies there. I can do squats for days! Aaannnd….I also like my boobs. I was a “late bloomer” in that area and now they are very full, and I think they make me look more womanly :o)

  2. Great, positive post. Love it!

    I love my strength – as in your post, even when I was obese, I was very strong and capable. Now that I am “normal” weighted… I have all the endurance to go along with that strength!

    I love my shoulders and arms and back… they lost weight the best and look as strong as I feel! 😀

  3. I love my shoulders, too! My shoulderbones and collarbones are very defined (although my collar bones are a little uneven), but I really like them! And I love my natural “monroe” mark on my face 🙂

  4. I love my shoulders and back: feminine, but strong! I also love my eyes: they’re light brown and have gold flecks in them. And when the light catches them, they almost look honey-colored! Wooo! Haha

  5. I love reading all this great stuff you all have to say about your bodies!

    Nice self esteems, ladies!!! <3

    Happy Valentine's Day!

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