We’re Famous!

Hi everyone! This is not a weight loss related post.. so, sorry. (Probably for the better considering I just ate a Cadbury egg. What? They’re SO low-fat) πŸ˜‰ But, I do have exciting news! You know how Andy Warhol talks about your 15 minutes of fame? Matt and I have it – in May’s Glamour magazine, on page 276!

Long story short, I made a famous “engagement chicken” recipe and got engaged five days later, I sent it in to the blog, and now we’re in the magazine! A fun keepsake and a neat opportunity to brag about being “famous”.

But then I also just found out that one of our wedding photos is in the Petaluma Visitor’s Guide! I haven’t seen that yet, but apparently, it’s promoting Petaluma as a wine-country wedding destination. I’ll share it with you when I get it. Β It would be weird to be like really famous, because I don’t like to wear makeup on the weekends, and it’d be weird to be spotted sans eye makeup with my ghostly-white eyelashes. Oh yes, the very serious things I consider when I consider fame. Ha! Hope you had a nice weekend. Watch for a post tomorrow night at our first attempt at homemade chicken satay!

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