Weight Watchers Recap, Week 1

Hey everybody! Tomorrow is my first weigh-in on Weight Watchers… and I’m here to report back on the week, so that tomorrow I can’t get a number and scratch my head in surprise. I have NO CLUE how it’s going to go. Here’s why: I tracked EVERYTHING I ate, from the handfuls of different marinated olives from Whole Foods to the five licks of orange cake batter to the Salami sandwich my boss brought me for lunch. (My boss just showed up today with a sandwich for my officemate and I – no rhyme or reason- isn’t that nice?! Matt also brought me home a beautiful mum plant last night after a rough day. I <3 thoughtful people.)

Salami, Mortadella and Capacolo Sandwich

So I tracked all week. That’s great, right? Weight Watchers is all about tracking. The reason why I don’t know this is going to go was that on Saturday I was at a memorial party for Matt’s grandfather, and I ate a 5-course Italian lunch – complete with chicken parmesan, antipasti, wine, bread and rigatoni. I tracked it all, but I’m worried that with restaurant tracking, you never know how accurate you’re really tracking. I earned several activity points throughout the week from exercise, but I used all of those and my weekly “flex” points (kind of like extra credit, for those not familiar with WW).

Orange Zest cake, made with greek yogurt!

Regardless of what the scale shows, I have a few “key learnings”, as we like to say in Marketing land.

1) Eating a small, low-point breakfast like greek yogurt and a piece of fruit is perfect to get me through to lunch and doesn’t destroy my points.

2) Eatings lots of fruit keeps me full and satisfied, and if it’s something super yummy like pineapple, it feels like a treat. (FRUIT is ZERO points!)

3) Keeping check on my emotions is worth more than any diet pill could ever be. I had a stressful day yesterday, and my first impulse was to eat. And not eat daintily – I wanted to stuff my piehole full of carbs and go all Cookie Monster. But I took a few deep breaths, drank some water, and moved on. Moved on to life without Ben and Jerry. And I was fine, and now I feel good about moving past that urge.

So – even if tomorrow isn’t very impressive, or worse, slightly disappointing, it was a thoughtful, conscientious week for me in terms of eating, tracking and Weight Watchers. This week is all about focusing on the positive – an activity that I like to do on a daily basis!

How was your week in terms of eating healthy?

3 thoughts on “Weight Watchers Recap, Week 1

  1. First of all, I LOVE your blog! You’re fabulous 🙂 I’m signing up for Weight Watchers Online for the second time, and really looking forward to getting my butt in gear. I did the program online about 6-7 years ago and lost 65 lbs., so I’m a firm believer it works! Reading your posts reminds me of the same challenges I faced and still encounter today (free lunch! candy jar and stress at work!). So glad there’s a strong network of support out there! I discovered a pretty great site the other day: snack-girl.com, and I’ve been inspired by 100daysofrealfood.com. Both websites have me thinking of approaching this a little differently this time around, in terms of incorporating more “real” foods rather than low-fat or fat-free options. In my mind I see it as a way to incorporate moderation of “non-diet” foods into a regular routine so maintenance won’t be as difficult. We’ll see how this works out in a real world scenario! I hope your weigh in went well, your positive attitude is inspiring!

  2. Being mindful is the most important thing, and I think food tracking definitely helps a lot! I did very well this week until yesterday – scary dr visit + period = I only ate sugar. Oh well, today was a new day!

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