What’s in April’s fridge?

Happy half-of-the-week is over, everyone!

I’m back with another update on how my Weight Watchers has been going, leading off from my post last Friday.   After the meeting my friend Laura and I made a trip to Trader Joe’s and picked up groceries to get us by for the next few days.  Feeling motivated to get EVERYTHING, I went by our local produce stand and supplemented my stash with even more greens.  All of my groceries were pretty inexpensive and even though it’s been a few days, I still have a bunch of food.  I made a chicken vegetable soup and got stuff to make another batch of my ground turkey with tomato sauce that I had over cooked broccoli slaw last week.Besides a few meals outside of the house, I’ve been adapting to my new lifestyle of crunching on an apple mid-day or sucking down 100+ ounces of water.

April's stash of food for the week  ~$45

April’s breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack foods for the week!  (around $45)


I mentioned in my post from Friday that my friend Laura lost eleven pounds on her first week of being back at Weight Watchers and watched to share some tips she had.

She went from the typical holiday habits many of us shared and worked hard to stick to the Weight Watcher’s Simple Start Plan.  Unlike me in my first week, she tracked nothing (part of the plan) and “always had a cup of hot tea in her hand” ready to drink.

Here are Laura’s top three tips:

1) Drink water ALL THE TIME.  She was pulling in more than 100 oz of water a day!  With all those trips to the bathroom, Laura was really flushing out her system!

2) Avoid SUGAR!  If you can resist the urge to binge on the sweets, you can have some pretty strong success!

3) Don’t eat after seven pm!  I personally suck at this since night time just seems like the right time to sit and stuff.  I’ve been snacking with 4oz Trader Joe yogurts that I stick in the freezer.  I’ll see if I can follow this tip of hers!

unnamed5I’m two days away from another meeting and I haven’t been obsessively stepping on the scale like I did last week.  I’m giving the “Simple Start” another chance and not tracking my points and just eating balanced and light meals so we’ll see how that works out for me.  Traditionally I always lose, gain, lose, gain, lose, lose, gain, lose… But who knows!  There is always room for a change!  Maybe I’ll be surprised on Friday with a loss.

Speaking of that,  one of my random meals out was at my friend Natalie’s house!  I’ve never been a fan of eating anything that swims in the water but I am looking to expand my eating habits.  A few years ago I had an amazing serving of salmon, compliments of a talented Dad I babysit for, and since then was too threatened that no one else’s salmon would be as good as his.  However when Natalie said she was going to make us some I was excited for the opportunity to try it again!  Of course, I loved it… much to my Mother’s disbelief.

Have you found there any foods that you like now that you didn’t like when you were younger?  Maybe something you’ve discovered while on the road to better health?  Share with us!

Lots of love and healthy greens,


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  1. I discovered that I enjoy sushi! I tried it maybe 4-5 years ago and try to taste new types whenever I go. I did discover that I do not like the taste of eel and I can detect it even without knowing that it’s in my sushi!

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