Weekly Weigh In – A Good One

Do you hear the trumpet fanfare? Can you see the confetti falling from the sky, a million rainbow sprinkles tumbling from the clouds? How about that giant, gold trophy I have in hands? Can you see it? NO?! Well damn, you’re just going to have to imagine it – because – I have FINALLY reached a major weight loss milestone of 10 pounds!

10 pounds is big, people. 10 pounds is a sack of potatoes. 10 pounds is two fairly heavy dumbbells. 10 pounds is loose jeans and a smaller tummy roll, a shrinking double chin and a major boost in terms of weight loss confidence. YAY! 10 pounds! I’m back to my wedding day weight! (I’d like to blame those 10 pounds on the following things: Honeymoon pina coladas and fettucine alfredo, grad school, and Sarah Palin. Just kidding on that last one.)

I weigh the exact same thing, now!

Here’s the irony. I’ve been meaning to write a post about this, but I’ve been off Weight Watchers for about a month and a half now. It just wasn’t doing it for me. I just did not track – and it might have been laziness, but I never seemed to remember to update my tracker. I couldn’t justify the expense anymore when I quite simply wasn’t doing it. So what have I been doing? I’ve been eating less. Being sick the past few days has shrunk my appetite, but besides that, I just kind of realized that I don’t need to eat as much as I normally do. Instead of having a third small taco, I stop after the second and wait. Chances are, that magical little “FULL” indicator inside of me will turn on after a few seconds, and I continue living in my merry way, satisfied and on my way to weight loss with the simple decision of having one less taco.

Seems simple, right? Why is it that so often the things we’ve struggled with for so long are really just so simple? These 10 pounds have inspired me to keep it up, and apply this new-found knowledge to the next few months. Things are going to be hairy for awhile with midterms and holidays, but armed with my new “Wait and see if you’re full” strategy, I feel confident that I can knock out at least another five pounds before beginning 2012.

How are you doing?

4 thoughts on “Weekly Weigh In – A Good One

  1. I’m sorry WW didn’t work for you. I am a little surprised it is working for me- but I think it fits my OCD lifestyle. I. will. track. everything. But I think WW has also taught me a few things about myself I either didn’t want to admit to myself or were just completely unaware, which has helped me continue to lose weight.

    I’m down 32 lbs so far. Only… 53 more to go :o/ lol

  2. Congratulations!! I’m sorry WW didn’t work out for you but I’m happy you are still losing weight! 🙂

    So far this year I’ve lost 40lbs WOOHOO!! It’s been so tough (especially when I plateaued for 3 months LOL) but so amazing 🙂

    Keep up the weight loss 🙂

    BTW – You look STUNNING in that picture from your wedding day 🙂

  3. I commented on this before, but I haven’t seen it posted…

    But basically- sorry WW isn’t working for you :o( but as long as you find something that does I guess that is all that matters. You definitely have to work at it- WW requires tracking of everything. Although I cheat and don’t track things I know are 0 points.

    Lost 32lbs so far!! Gotta keep it up :o)

    Good luck!

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