Weekly Weigh In #7

Good Morning, or Good Day, whenever you’re looking at this! This week I finally hit five pounds lost – clocking in another .7 lost at the scale. It wasn’t a huge loss but considering the things I stuffed in my mouth this week (enchiladas, tortilla chips, jamabalaya)… it’s a loss that I’ll gladly take! I also hope that that number is correct as I normally weigh in at the gym, but this morning I weighed in on my own scale. Hopefully it’s not really .7 up, but I’ll find out next week – after I battle my father in-law’s delicious cooking, my mother’s potato salad, and various other fatty accoutrements of my trip back home.

Sorry this post is so short this AM as I’m headed off to work. I’ll be quiet for a few more days cuz I’ll be visiting family (Hi Shirley! Hi Dad! Hi Ape! Hi Katelyn!), but I promise I’ll give you a big juicy update when I get back – including the deets about my crazy new schedule (yay for grad school?). Enjoy the quiet – this big mouth blogger will be back in full force next week.

Have a wonderful Labor day weekend!

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