Weekly Weigh In #6

This Saturday morning started out like any other – I peeled myself out of bed at 9:00, threw on some exercise clothes, and groggily drove to the gym for my weigh in and 9:30 boxing class. I was eager about this weigh-in, because I knew it would be a loss. I had worked out HARD several times this week, eaten well, and drank tons of water. My jeans were loose. Somebody at work said I looked thinner. I bought new jeans in a smaller size. My tummy area looked flatter and less paunchy. Oh yes, I had DEFINITELY lost weight. Until… I got on the scale and saw the number had moved down a tiny .2 of a pound. My initial reaction was, “What the Fu*k?!” And then I was pissed, and the poor punching bag got pummeled even harder in my class, and my poor friend Merrie had to listen to me rant about why my body seems incapable of losing weight.

How could I work out for an hour and half with Richard and NOT lose weight?!

Never one to give up, I decided I was going to weigh myself again immediately after class – in exactly the same outfit, but now I was drenched with sweat and a little less aggro. Surprisingly, this time, the scale showed a loss of 1.2 pounds. I got on three times to confirm it wasn’t just wishful thinking. Now – Am I cheating because my first weigh in was only down .2? Is this weigh in still legit? For shits and giggles, I weighed myself sans clothes, and I had lost like 2.5 pounds. Believe me, I wanted to put down that number, but I have to stay consistent and weigh in in the same outfit every week. Can the body really swell and deflate that much within an hour? Did my boxing class sweat out a pound of salt and bloat that I’d been holding earlier? And no, cuz I know you’re wondering, I didn’t remove a rib or go #2 or anything like that, thank you very much.

I’ll be weighing in a day earlier this week, and I’m hoping I can finally hit my five pound mini goal. Even though I’m claiming a loss this week, I need to get more serious about tracking. The exercise is there, but my food habits are still at about 70% when they need to be at 90%. *sigh* If you took a long look at how hard you’re trying with a new goal, what would be your percentage of success?

Check back on Wednesday for my experience with Richard Simmons  – it was an awesome adventure!

6 thoughts on “Weekly Weigh In #6

  1. Yep, a body can definitely fluctuate that much. Especially when loss of fluids (sweat, etc) is involved.

    Also, I haven’t had the chance to tell you yet, but your “Chunky” post was beautiful. I had more weight-based confrontations with my grandmother than anyone else in my life. I think that generation was really focused on it, and willing to speak out about it. That didn’t make it hurt any less, though.

  2. All I can say is keep up the good work and if you’re clothes are looser then you are losing. You have to remember the workouts you do are definitely building muscle which will eliminate a “number loss”. Trust me if you’re clothes aren’t fitting you are losing inches. When I first started I lost inches before I started losing pounds.

    And I will say tracking your food is HUGE! I lost when I wasn’t tracking but then plateued and the minute I started tracking I realized I was still wasn’t eating what I was thinking I was, I was eating more. Tracking the food HELPS TREMENDOUS! Its a pain in the ass but it’s so worth it.

    Just keep it up and remember your are doing intense workouts that are turning fat into muscle and muscle weighs more than fat. Track your inches or just go based on how your clothes fit. :o)

  3. Alyssa, that photo and sparkly Beatles shirt is more amazing than what I pictured last night. Quintessential LA…and yes, I will totally drag my butt to Beverly Hills with you one day just to bask in the glory that is Richard Simmons in a tacky shirt. LOVE.

  4. Heya Alyssa,

    I think Kendall is right on the money… When you start working out HARD at gym, the scale becomes a less accurate measure from any given week to week. How your clothes fit is a much better indicator of how you are tightening/toning/building muscle/losing fat.

    Over time, you will absolutely see a downward trend, so keep up those great workouts, your body will know when it’s time to really start going into overdrive with changing your body composition due to your healthy habits.

    Also, on any given day, someone can fluctuate by several pounds, as you noticed… Just go drink a big glass of water before stepping on the scale and you can instantly be a pound heavier.

    Keep pushing yourself at the gym, start listening to your intuition about your food (it sounds like your wise-self knows you need some tweaking their), and you will get stronger and healthier every day! 🙂


  5. Intentional or not, I just saw one of your tags was “eekly weigh in.” You’re either missing a W or a well placed exclamation point. either works 🙂

  6. Alyssa!

    I totally know how you feel. I can be “on it” all week long, but if I eat anything with any kind of salt in it within days of weigh-in I’m screwed. Plus, I just don’t think I’m the type of person who loses weight really fast. I get so jealous of the other people in WW who drop four and five pounds in one week. I’ve never done that, but we can’t compare ourselves to other people, and we shouldn’t base our happiness on the number on the scale. You know you’re working out and you know you’re eating well. You’re wearing smaller clothes, and that’s amazing!!! Just keep up the good work, and you WILL get there, not matte what the scale says.

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