Weekly Weigh In #6

*Sigh* Let’s get right to it. This week I

gained .8 of a pound

Sometimes, I feel like I’m living my life in Groundhog’s day, because for the past six weeks of Weight Watchers, I have consistently been losing one week, and then gaining the next. It’s a scene all too familiar and one I’m getting sick of repeating. Remember last week’s monumental weight loss? 2.8 pounds? Yeah, not so much today.

I really anticipated a small loss, at least. Nothing huge, but a little reward for the night I turned down a bowl of ice cream, or when I spent an hour and a half of my Sunday morning speed walking around the park. I was bitter today after my weigh in. I wondered aloud why I was doomed to a life of fatness. (Yes, I have a flair for the dramatic) It’s hard not to be frustrated when the third time I’ve tried Weight Watchers, I’m having similar results, a perpetual YoYo, constantly not constant. Is it me? Is it the program? Is it the sugary Peeps I ate (and tracked)? Is it bloating? Is it too little exercise?

I really want to say, “F you, Weight Watchers,” and go stuff my face with garlic bread, but I’m not going to. I’m paying for this damn plan, so I’m gonna make it work even if that means I can’t use my extra points or I have to cut out my liquid crack, my beloved Diet Pepsi. (C’mon – one can a day? How bad can it be?!)

So what do I need to do? Eat less. Move more. Use less extra points. Cut out the crap. Crap is crap even if I count it. Peeps aren’t good for the junk in my trunk, and neither are FiberOne Brownies. Crap is crap. But I give a crap. So next week, I’m losing weight, even if I have to strip naked on the scale to make it. I’m sick of having to write the same post every other week. It makes me not want to write to you. But I do, because I need to. It needs to change. It will change. I think I can, I think I can, I think I can. Send me some weight loss vibes, will ya?

My 13-point dinner tonight. Salad with beets and light ranch, turkey breast sandwich with sprouts, avocado and cheese on whole wheat with light cranberry juice.


5 thoughts on “Weekly Weigh In #6

  1. Sadly I did weight watchers twice without success 🙁 it is a great program but for me it felt mOre like a Maintance Plan as the results were next to none when I stayed with in my points weekly. Not to mention $40 a month is steep when you feel you are not getting the result you deserve for really trying. I did find that when I didn’t use my weekly points I did actually lose and when I would consume the weekly points I wOuld stay the same or gain…..so not sure why they incorporate the weekly points when to me it seems it just helps you maintain? Anyways girly you are still in a loss and that is what counts so hang in there and it will happen!!

  2. You are not alone sister! As I emailed you earlier this week..I”m up 10 whole pounds and must I say that was a reality check!! As you put it “eat less, move more”, that always sounds so dang easy and on a logical level…it is. Oh but so hard to practice! Here is to the both of us and all your other readers who are also trying to make it a lose kind of week! 😉 Be good this weekend, i’ll try too! <3 ya

  3. You didn’t happen to consume adult beverages did you? I found out this week that my nightly cocktail(s) really slow down the weight loss for me. Even though there are no carbs in my beloved rum, my body thinks it’s easier to burn alcohol than fat.

    This week I (mostly) refrained from them and I lost more weight than any previous week this year.

  4. Sending good vibes! I’ve been drinking fruit and veggie smoothies (I’ll post about tomorrow) and have felt a difference. My mama even says I look good and I’ve been not so consistent on the gym front. Hope it helps…keep on keepin 0n!

  5. I don’t mean to knock WW, but I tried and failed on that plan at least 7 times, and I’m still not sure why. Once I stopped counting points and started counting calories, things started to change. And once I started working out, they changed even more. Of course, I still struggle, but these days I can pinpoint exactly why.

    I think it’s great that you’re going to buckle down, give up the crap, move more, and eat less. You should see results on the scale. And if you don’t, I’d say it might be time to look into a different plan.

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