Weekly Weigh In #5 – The Big Bad Bloat

I went in to my Monday morning weigh-in knowing and expecting I’d be up a couple of pounds from the weekend’s indiscretions – what I didn’t expect was that the scale would blow up with 4.5 extra pounds! Thankfully, my saintly registered dietitian talked me through it, and I was able to understand that it’s mathematically impossible to gain 4.5 pounds in three days. To do that, I would have needed to consume and not burn off an extra 15,750 calories – the equivalent of three triple-layer buttercream birthday cakes.

While it wouldn’t be far-fetched to gain an extra pound from the overeating I did (but even that’s a stretch, as I don’t think I overate 3,500 calories – my fitness pal said it was only 1100!), 4.5 pounds is not likely. But it isn’t far fetched to gain as much as 7 pounds in bloating, sometimes overnight! My body hasn’t been used to salt and oil – and a meal like fried chicken was just enough to puff me up like a blowfish. The RD’s recommendation was lots of water to help beat the bloat, and to get movin’, as aerobic activity can also help diminish puffiness and swelling.

I’m not going to let this little setback screw up my downward trend – and now I know that even a little bit of “cheating” can really de-rail what the number on the scale is. The good news is that there are some non-scale victories showing up – like the fact that my jeans are loose, I feel more energized and I’m getting full faster. Now I feel motivated to do really well this week, and not let the temptation of junk get the best of me. Do you find when you splurge a little bit that you bloat up like a beach ball too?

Puffily yours,


6 thoughts on “Weekly Weigh In #5 – The Big Bad Bloat

  1. “To do that, I would have needed to consume and not burn off an extra 15,750 calories – the equivalent of three triple-layer buttercream birthday cakes.” I really needed to read that sentence! It’s so true. We have to keep going – no matter what!

  2. “Puffily Yours” –cute! Yes I do notice bloat when I go crazy with popcorn or other salty foods. Also my stomach poofs out easily when I eat just a little too much and pushes against the waist band of my jeans and I instantly feel terrible! Sometimes it gives me a stomach ache too. Makes me want to do a zillion sit-ups. Or just throw on some stretchy pants!

  3. Crystal Light has introduced different “mocktail” flavors for summer: margarita, appletini, mojito and a pomtini that I haven’t been able to find yet. The margarita and appletini are really good and definitely help me up my water intake. I just got a variety pack at Costco for under $6. Each flavor straw makes a big pitcher.

    The body can sure mess with the brain, can’t it?

    Hey – I was thinking of kayaking at Castaic this summer. Interested?

  4. I’ve been drinking too many carbonated beverages that led to a bloated feeling. I’m back to straight water. Get back on track and that weight will be gone!

  5. Boo puffiness! I’m so glad that your RD was there to help “talk you down” from the scale. The best line of all in this post was that you’re going to keep going, no matter what. That’s exactly what will make you successful!

  6. I love how you look at it so scientifically and realistically. Sometimes it doesn’t go right but you figure it out and move on. I can’t weigh in (broken scale- working on it) this week but when I do I hope my work trip has been far enough in the past to work off some of my poor choices! I never went over my goal by more than 100 calories but the CHOICES themselves weren’t great.

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