Weekly Weigh In #5

Well, folks – Weigh in was today – and let’s get right to it- I’m happy to report this week that  I

lost 2.6 pounds

I worked really hard this past week to correct some of my previous mistakes. I drank way more water, put the kibosh on the junk eating, and got some activity. One night when I as feeling bingey, I had hot tea instead of a salty, crunchy snack – and I also had a terrible cold, so that probably helped keep my appetite from going all nutty. I also had motivation on my side, because there was no way I wanted to come back on here today and report that I had gained weight (again).

I’m enjoying the 0-point fruit and keeping our fruit man in business at work – it’s only $3 for a giant container of fresh pineapple with chili and lime. I’m also trying to limit my nighttime eating, and save my “extra” points for weekends, because that’s when I struggle. I even managed to fit in homemade popcorn and still lose- a splurge at 10 points for a big bowl with real butter.

I really want to stay on track this week, because I’m 1.8 pounds away from losing 5 pounds total – and it’d be really nice to reach that goal next week. It’s funny because this week I lost EXACTLY what I gained last week. Heh. I guess my body, like myself, is a little bit neurotic about symmetry 😉

How are you doing this week?





2 thoughts on “Weekly Weigh In #5

  1. +1.5 after the long weekend in Vegas and breaking the beer fast. Was the Black Chip Porter, Hairy Eyeball, Imperial Red and WTF? worth it? Hell Yeah!

  2. Yay for a 2.6-lb loss! Good for you for choosing tea over the craving. If you keep it up like you did this week, the 1.8 lbs will be gone in no time.

    I did great this week – I’ve lost 7.4 lbs since Monday, but considering I gained 8lbs last weekend, I’m must barely making up the ground that I lost. Still, knowing what my results can be when I do what I should be helps keep me on track.

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