Weekly Weigh In #2

No trumpet fanfare this time. 🙁 Yup. I weighed in on Saturday and lost a massive…. .2 pound. Not even half of a pound. .2 of a pound. As Matt said, “That’s a fart.”

I ate healthy things like Greek salad this week.

I was pissed. Like “wailing on the punching bag so good that the teacher complimented on my super strong jabs in kickboxing class” pissed. I weigh in before my boxing class on Saturday mornings on my gym. I worked out and seethed about the fact that I tracked EVERYTHING, from the handful of Doritos to the dinner of nothing but popcorn the night I saw Harry Potter. I tracked the good, the bad, and the ugly, thanks to the little pop-up reminders on my iPhone. The temptation to cheat was strong, to lie and think that I really had 1.5 cups of pasta and track 1. But I knew cheating on tracking would only be cheating myself.

I love boxing.

How did I react to my lackluster weigh in? I ate. I pigged out. I didn’t track anything yesterday. I had an Indian dinner with my gal pals and we enjoyed a very rich meal. I scarfed a samosa, butter chicken, matar paneer, white rice, naan, a chai latte and a giant coconut frozen yogurt with dark chocolate chips. I did EXACTLY what I need to learn to avoid. I need to learn how to not let a small letdown turn into a big fat snowball avalanche of “Screw it, I’ve already messed up, might as well eat whatever I want.” Any tips?

I’m still disappointed about my lack of a loss but I think I’ve figured out what it could be. I tracked everything, and used my weekly points in addition to activity points. Even though I was within my points allotment, I made some bad choices this week, like salty, greasy things that didn’t pack as much of a punch as leafy greens or lean proteins would have. When I did lose weight on Weight Watchers the last time I tried it, I  didn’t usually use my flex points or activity points. I know my body just well enough to know that the tiniest little screw up can equal a disappointment at the scale. So next week, I’ll be measuring. I’ll be using the recipe builder. I’ll be staying away from the Doritos and movie theatre popcorn. I’m giving myself a fresh start tomorrow. I’m also going to step up my cardio, because I only made it to the gym twice last week.

I’m also going to avoid eating salty food the night before my weigh in. Because somewhere in the cavernous depths of my mind, I’d like to think that I really DID lose weight this week, but the loss was just… lost, among water retention and bloating. Next week, weight loss, you will be mine!!!!!!

***Please send prayers and thoughts to the families and victims of the Norway shooting, in addition to the families and victims of the Chinese train crash. Please also send healing thoughts for addicts around the world who are struggling like Amy Winehouse was. Even though her death was expected, a loss of  life is still profound and should be respected rather than ridiculed in its earliest moments.

6 thoughts on “Weekly Weigh In #2

  1. Keep your chin up!! .2 may be a fart but it’s still a loss right???

    I tend to not use my extra weekly points or activity cause it doesn’t make it work for me. I have to use my daily points and that’s it! Unless of course I’m being SUPER DUPER active one day where I’m sweating like a pig and then I’ll eat some more protein.

    Don’t feel too bad I was pretty much to my 2lb weight loss (total of 6 for the week) and I completely sabotaged myself last night 🙁 I do it all the time and I have no clue why so today I’m back on the horse and am determined to lose 3-4 lbs this week to make up for my sunday sabotage!!

    Just keep going – plus muscle weighs more than fat so perhaps you are building muscle through your classes and you really are eliminating fat!!

  2. I would suggest taking your measurements if you aren’t already. Like Kendall said- you are building muscle [especially doing a kick boxing class!] and so you won’t always see a drop on the scale, but you might lose an inch around your thighs and that can be so motivating!

    In terms of self sabotage, the only thing I can suggest is to get a picture of your ideal self in your head. And keep it there. Whenever you think you want a big fat big of chips [or some delicious thai food like i’ve been craving], picture your ideal self. And know that weight loss is the opposite of weight gain- it’s going to take forever. but you can do it.

    I also avoid using the extra 49 points and activity points. I tend to save them for going out to dinner or eating a meal I am not entirely sure the points value of.


  3. That’s an excellent point about the measurements – on a pretty hardcore no-carb plan, I still don’t lose sometimes and then I go get the tape measure and boom – there’s my result. Also – get drinking water. Lots and lots and lots. That really makes a difference for me (plus there’s the bonus of good skin) Remember that your monthly cycle too can affect losses too. Near to period time I often even go up – then it all falls off afterwards. Think of all of this as month to month not week to week and I’ll bet you’ll see results!

    • Great feedback, Gail! I think you’re right about looking it as a month thing rather than weekly… it takes time to make progress so maybe I should edge off of the “THIS IS IT!” feeling every Saturday morning, haha!

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