Weekly Weigh In #2

Today was my second Weight Watchers weigh in, and I was feeling pretty confident. I tracked everything I ate, and only ate 29 of my flex points. I didn’t get much exercise and I probably could have done more water, but in total, the week went well and I was sure it would result in at least a pound lost. I stepped on the scale and I…

Gained .2

I believe the first thing out of my mouth was “What the f*ck?”, except without the little asterisk because I’m pretty much a sailor’s daughter.  The leader offered a few suggestions, like, “Did you use all of your flex points?” No, I didn’t. “Did you eat something salty for dinner last night?” No, I didn’t. “Are you near your monthly cycle?” Sorry if it’s TMI, but no. So WHAT THE FFFFF!! I moped through the rest of the meeting and felt sorry for myself (and may have tweeted a couple of pouting tweets), and then I got over it. Shit happens. So I didn’t lose this week when I feel like I really should have. Life will go on, and all I can do is keep on tracking, and try to identify why I didn’t lose this week.

Here’s a few thoughts – I was bad about drinking water. I’m back in school and my schedule is now in full-on crazy mode. I’ve felt thirsty a lot, and I know by the time I get to that point, I’m already dehydrated. So this week, more water. I also didn’t exercise much because of aforementioned bad schedule. This week I need to get movin’, even if it’s just walking a few laps around the campus at work. I also wonder if I’m eating too much fruit. Even though it’s 0 points, it still has calories, and yesterday I ate 3 clementines, a peach, a banana and a cup of pineapple. I struggled with this the last time around on PointsPlus, so I may need to see how the next couple of weeks go and re-evaluate my fling with fruit.

When was the last time you were expecting a good thing to happen and it didn’t? Are you the type of person that suffers a setback and bounces right back, or are you like me, and need to stew and pout about it for a bit before you move on?

One thought on “Weekly Weigh In #2

  1. First: it is okay and it will happen! Not every week will be a loss and use it as a motivation the next time you are at the gym.

    Second: Exercise is key and can really help you in terms of stress and hunger. Even if it is literally a 15 minute walk on your break you are getting out there, moving your muscles and not thinking about how delicious that poptart looked in the vending machine at work. Sometimes all I have on my activity points are the walks I take at work- it’s small but it adds up!

    Third: In terms of the 0 point foods- I try to stick with the daily recommended intake of fruits and veggies from weight watchers 5-8 servings. They say 1/2 cup is 1 serving for most veggies and fruits and 1 cup for leafy greens. Because even though it is fruit and veggies, they still have sugar- even if it’s natural sugar.

    Also [going completely blind in terms of your meals] perhaps re-evaluate what you take in terms of your points. For example a bag a baked chips may be only 3 points, but when your hungry 30 minutes later it doesn’t really seem like it did what it was supposed to, you know?! I know in the mid to later afternoon I typically get a craving and have combatted that by enjoying a diet soda at lunch- it fixes my sweet tooth and keeps me nice a full feeling until it’s time for dinner [and it is 0 points!! and a nice break from water].

    Make small changes each week until you find what works for you. Every body is different and every story has its own challenges. But keep your focus on battling the bulge and not yourself and you will see results!!

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