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Howdy! Sorry I missed a post yesterday, it’s been a hectic week of tons of writing and deadlines and preparing for my trip to Portland on Thursday! WOOHOO! I’m heading up for a nice little weekend for FitBloggin’, where I’ll do things like attempt Crossfit and meet lots of amazing bloggers. My weigh in this week is pretty anticlimactic – I stayed the same. I’m riding at about eight pounds lost on my home scale, but unfortunately at the doctor’s office, I show a gigantic one pound loss in the past three weeks. SIGH. However, I’ve now started metformin, the insulin resistant drug for my PCOS, and as long as I keep up the fitness and good eating, I will hopefully see that weight start to slide right off! Here I am after an amazing boxing workout with my boxing instructor Shari, and my friend Susannah. I’ve upgraded to using “wraps” in addition to my gloves, and HOLY COW BELLS, does that increase the workout. The wraps protect your knuckles and keep your wrists straight and when I was using them, I could really FEEL the power coming from behind the punch. Yowza!
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One of the main hallmarks of the PCOS diet is staying fairly low-carb and low in sugar. I’m not gonna lie, I’m struggling a little bit with that. Great snacks have helped ease the pain, like last night I took carrots, celery sticks and garlic hummus to my gal pal’s house. That was a satisfying and yummy snack, but I’m missing my bananas and the little Skinny Cow chocolate packets I got as an occasional treat. Anyone have any suggestions for me of snacks that are low in sugar and low carb? I see a trip to the Whole Foods olive bar in my future, but I need to go easy on those because of the salt level.

Chicken Salad for dinner! Yummy and PCOS friendly!

Chicken Salad for dinner! Yummy and PCOS friendly!

So far the Metformin hasn’t been too dicey. I’ve only had one not so great experience and that was after enjoying a delicious pat of butter on my corn on the cob. Unfortunately right after eating I felt the all-too-familiar “UH OH” sensation and the side effect was not pleasant. Now I know that butter, even in a small, limited amount, is a no-no. I guess not everything is better with butter. PCOS certainly isn’t.

It might be placebo affect, but I even feel like I’m more energized from the Metformin, like I somehow have more energy. This of course could be fleeting; maybe it’s excitement about my upcoming trip, or the fact that we’re househunting (EGADS! Watch for a post about that soon!). However, I’m going to enjoy a little more pep in my step while it lasts!

Tomorrow I’ll be back with a post about Beets. Don’t get too excited now… it’s a tutorial on how to make quick pickled beets, because I know you all have so much extra time on your hands, and pickling beets is exactly how you want to spend that time, right? HA! Till next time…



5 thoughts on “Weekly Weigh In

  1. Maybe switch to “I can’t believe it’s not butter!” lol Let’s see some low carb low sugar snacks… how about Celery with PB, almonds or mixed nuts (unsalted)and like you said hummus with carrots, celery I also do grape tomatoes. Oh and how about cucumbers with just a little lemon, no salt and a dash of chile powder.

  2. Pickled beets, eh? You know I love me some summer canning projects! Have a great time in Portland!!! And make sure you get to Powell’s City of Books (it’s a mall of books…the most magical place EVER!!!!!!)

  3. Hey, Alyssa! I have been eating lower carb/ sugar for a little bit now. I find that what helps me the most is actually adding more fat to my diet. My cravings have dramatically decreased, which I didn’t realize until I had some g-free pizza the other day and then maniacally purchased a box of cookies soon after. Don’t fear the fat! It will satiate you and keep your energy levels consistent. Definitely beware the “diet” snacks. There’s a quote I love that says, “whenever you see the words “low fat” or “fat free” think of the words chemical shitstorm.” I hope this helps and works for you! Hummus, like you mentioned is a wonderful option! Also, once you dump a lot of empty carbs, you have more than enough calories left to add the avocado to your salad, olive oil etc. :).

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