Weekly Weigh In!

Hello everybody,

Happy Friday! I wasn’t sure how this week’s weigh in would go because I had a few wildcards pop up – like getting into the minor car accident that left me kind of lazy and slow so I didn’t do a ton of cardio, and having a slight delay in my diet-to-go meal plan that left me to my own devices. However, I mostly tracked on MyFitnessPal and tried to be as active as I could and just hoped for the best. So, this morning when I stepped on the scale, I waited for something not too nice…. but instead I …

Lost 3.7 pounds!

This is HUGE, folks. With the DietBet I’m participating in, I only need to lose 4 more pounds to make my 4% weight loss target. This was exactly the type of success I needed, because I’m so used to weighing in one week, doing well, and then yo-yoing upwards the next. I haven’t had three consecutive weeks of weight loss in like… 10 years. (Y’all know I love my hyperbole.)

This week I’m going to keep it up with a whole new batch of yummy Diet-To-Go meals, and tons of exercise – because I have a new toy! I got myself the Polar USA Heart Rate Monitor because I really want to start heart-rate training to see how to best burn calories. I already took it for a test drive on my walk/jog tonight and had a great time seeing myself burning calories depending on how I worked. Watch for a full review of that next week – I’m excited to see how it helps me on this journey!2

Allright – I’m off to bed. Thanks again for reading and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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