Weekly Weigh In #10

Well, there was no weekly weigh in #10. I was in a meeting that ran long, (we have Weight Watchers meetings at work at lunch -they start at 12, my meeting ended at 12:15.) I didn’t have any lunch, and I desparately needed to work on my literature review. So I didn’t go. There was some internal hemming and hawing about me deliberately deciding to skip a meeting, but the stars just didn’t align. I have the slightest suspicion that I might have lost more weight this week – although my eating choices have been less than stellar, I’ve been clocking in 15 hour work days between work, homework and freelance projects – leaving me little time for grazing.

Copyediting at my desk at work... on lunch.

While I may not have succeeded in a weight loss accomplishment this week (and I don’t know if I did – I’ll try to weigh in tomorrow or this weekend), I did have a major academic accomplishment. In grad school, part of your thesis is analyzing at least 30 different pieces of research and summarizing why they might be important to what you’re studying, called a “lit review”. Here’s the beginning of it all: The 38 page baby I just birthed, as in uploaded to Google docs for my whole thesis cohort and committee advisor to read and edit. As you can see, this picture was taken at work – and this was on my lunch break, as I skipped lunch (that’s bad, I know) and used my little red pen to mark my way to awesomeness.

Here’s what my wild and crazy Wednesday night was like:

Wine + Thesis = BFF

So there you have it. I may not have invested enough time in my physical self this week, but I rocked it on the academic front. It’s one of those days where other than the slightly nagging pain in the ball of my foot (plantar fascia – heel pain from being fat and wearing crappy, supportless ballet flats), weight loss is far from my mind. I’m in an academic zone – focused, ambitious and determined to get this done. I’m eight months away from graduating with my master’s degree, and that makes me damn PROUD of myself.

However, I’m not going to let pride get in the way of working towards the happiest, healthiest lifestyle I can have, and that means getting back to the gym, cutting out the late night wine and peeps (yeah – it happened),and not skipping meals. Now that this initial deadline has passed, I’m giving myself a few days off of homework for spring break and focusing on getting back into the exercise routine, since I didn’t manage to make it once this week. I’m also going to spend time with my dear husband, whom I call the “grad school widow” when school’s in session.

So that’s where I’m at! Focused mentally and academically, but distant and sort of floating on the weight loss side of things. We can’t have it all.. but I can try 😉

How’s your week going? Anything exciting happening? Make sure to check in on Monday for your chance to win an EatSmart Food Scale!


3 thoughts on “Weekly Weigh In #10

  1. Congrats on getting that Lit Review done! We just have times in our life where we aren’t able to eat quite as well or exercise quite as much…the key is getting right back with it…and it sounds like you are doing just that!

  2. First off, Congrats hun on getting your thesis going 🙂 So glad to hear that is well. Your grad school sounds wayyyyy harder than mine! I haven’t been to the gym at all, mainly due to some dental issues. Now i’m back in action and pain free, i’ll be heading back. Oh I also signed up for softball..we’ll see how that goes. <3 ya

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