Weekly Weigh In #1 – Starting Over!

Hi everybody,
I decided to just start from scratch with the weigh ins again to reflect my NEW plan (calorie counting) and get the “Progress” section going again. Last week, I had 51.4 pounds to lose. This week, I have 49 pounds to lose, which means I…

lost 2.4 pounds!

Last week when I met with my nutritionist, I had a good kind of Eureka moment about my weight loss. This nutritionist is fantastic because she doesn’t just focus on the food aspect of losing weight, but the psychological factors as well. When I saw her five years ago, she hit the nail on the head that for me, a lot of my weight issues have something to do with eating being my “rebellion” in my life. It’s kind of hard to explain without getting all Freud on you, but basically, I’m pretty much a “good girl”. I do good in school, I always show up to work, I don’t drink much, smoke or do drugs. I hate being late, I’m an old lady in that I like to go to bed by 11:30, and my one guilty pleasure (besides shopping and trashy magazines) is food. In her words, much like a drug user or drinker or smoker, my “rebellion” from always being the good girl is eating what I want when I want it. (Who needs vodka when you can have popcorn?)

I exercised more this week, too!

Bingo. So this week, I paid more attention to the psychological aspect of weight. Feeling stressed? I walked it out at lake Balboa park. Feeling anxious? I had a glass of water. Feeling irritated? I hugged my husband. I tend to turn to food when I’m feeling something other than contentedness and happiness – and with that, the pounds pile on, and I’m in an eternal cycle of stress-eat-soothe. That’s not good in any way, y’all.

So, I was thrilled this week to see some nice progress and identify some things that I need to work on. Maybe I put too much of an emphasis on the physical factors of weight – like the scale, eating, calorie counting and exercise. Maybe I need to focus more on ME – and why I do the things I do. A lot of weight loss is behavioral. Maybe it’s time to just gently adjust some behavior. Hmm. I have to admit to myself that I’m in a pretty stressful phase of my life, juggling a demanding full-time job, a thesis, a blog, a household and weight loss. It’s ok to not be perfect 99% of the time. If I can embrace the emotions rather than trying to mask them with food, maybe I can embrace weight loss. Now I feel all psychological! Just call me Dr. Alyssa…

Have you ever had a Eureka moment about something you were struggling with and then realize more of it than you’d care to think was related to your thoughts and/or feelings? How did realizing that moment feel?


7 thoughts on “Weekly Weigh In #1 – Starting Over!

  1. YAY!! I’m so happy you are finding a new way that works for you! I firmly believe dieting and excercise is a mental battle. I’ve found with running that my body can do the work no problem, it’s my head that gets in my way and I have beat that down while on my run!!

    Congrats on the loss!! Keep it up!! You can totally do it!!

  2. First: congrats!

    Second: In answering your question honestly, it felt awful. I’m kind of a perfectionist so when I realized I was partaking in rather unhealthy habits as a way to deal with depression (instead of the ‘I’m just having a good time’ excuse) it was like, whoa. I still have guilt over it…although I’m slowly working through it, it can be a very hard realization to come to. And then having to make the conscious change can be a bit overwhelming–but that’s what awesome husbands, friends, and trashy TV are for 🙂

  3. First time here. I also recently went from doing WW back to plain old calories counting- my goal is to be between 1500 and 1800 calories a day depending on activity levels, and keep fat calories percentage under 30%. You had a great loss this week! I hope it continues!

  4. Hi! I just found your blog through twitter and am SO happy that I did. I can totally relate with so many of the things that you have been posting about. Especially this post talking about how eating what you want is a type of rebellion. I have recently realized this same thing about myself. Thanks again for sharing!
    Also, I’m following you on twitter now, I’m @mollieloses there

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