Turkey Day Tactics (for those who are already festively plump)

Did you guys ever watch South Park? I’m not a huge fan now, but a few years back when it was all the rage, of course I tuned in. I did find some lovable similarities between myself and Cartman (I can’t believe I used the term “lovable similarities” to describe a mean, temperamental child most people didn’t like, haha). What I guess I mean, is that I always laughed at his jokes about his weight, his food, and his beloved potpie (and kitty). One term I’ll never forget is FESTIVELY PLUMP.

Yes, Cartman, yes. You sir, just embodied the spirit of the Double Chin Diary in two simple words. We strive to take a term, condition or state of being (cough. being fat) and make it into something a little more light-hearted. Yeah, yeah, it’s serious and health and stuff and blah blah, but we’re working on it. In the meantime, a little gentle joking makes it easier to deal with. Anyways! While I am still festively plump, I need to have a plan of action for Thanksgiving day. Here it is, are you ready? It’s kind of intense.

Eat a little of what you want. (A little more of what’s good for you (turkey), and a little less of what’s not. (stuffing, gravy, etc))

Yep. I’m not going to be “on the diet” on Thanksgiving day. Why not? Because I don’t want to. I want to enjoy a some greenbean casserole and a drizzle of gravy, or have a piece of Pumpkin pie with my family. The key to all of this weight loss jazz is, I’m realizing, moderation. Am I a “success” story for weight loss? Well, no, not yet. But every day is a new day, and this Thanksgiving day, I plan to continue last year’s tradition of being active in the morning. I’ve signed up myself, my sister, my brother Tommy and my hubby for a 5k run at a local lake at 8 AM on Thanksgiving Morning. My pal Amy will be there too! While I don’t plan on being able to run the whole thing, even walking 3.2 miles is going to be a fantastic way to start a day of eating, eating and more eating. Activity is key!

So there’s my dirty secret. There’s no low carb plans or dieting on Thanksgiving day. Just moderation and activity, what I’m trying to practice every day. Now how about you? Do you approach Thanksgiving with a plan for how you will indulge?

Also, list your #1 favorite Thanksgiving dish. Mine is GREEN BEAN CASSEROLE. The Midwestern kind with Campbell’s Cream of Mushroom Soup, French’s Onions and Canned Green Beans. So salty. So canned. So delicious.





10 thoughts on “Turkey Day Tactics (for those who are already festively plump)

  1. I would have like to join you in the walk, but someone decided to spend the night in Bakersfield. (WTF?)

    My favorite food is the turkey. Can’t wait to the taste the smoked one Matt is making.

  2. Mashed potatoes and gravy if I had to choose only one thing! And I plan on taking the same approach as you – moderation, but enjoying the day and the eats after some activity to earn my food in the morning!

  3. My favorite would have to be my mom’s special stuffing! It’s made with BEEF! So unhealthy but it’s what she’s always made and my grandma used to make it too. Thanksgiving is a day for feasting, spending time with loved ones and just reflecting on all the good things in life. I’ll be sure to wear stretchy pants or a dress so my expanding belly has plenty of room. I think I’ll incorporate and after dinner walk with the dog this year.

  4. My favorite is my mom’s deviled eggs! I don’t know what she does differently, but they’re much sweeter than any deviled eggs I’ve had from any other sources. Very delish! Also, I’m loving your perspective toward your size…it reminds me of some site I used to be a part of (was it MySpace? or maybe okCupid? I can’t recall) where “more to love” or something along those lines was one of the options when describing your weight.

    • oh my gosh, DEVILED EGGS. It’s so easy to just pop 9 or ten of those in your mouth and be like “What?! I ate that many!?” Thank you for the kind words and for commenting… I love my readers!!! Happy Holidays. xoxo

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