Transparent Tuesday: The Double Chin Diary edition

Happy Tuesday! Recently, I was catching up on blogs and my friend Emmie’s post, “Transparent Tuesday” really struck a chord with me. What is Transparent Tuesday? Emmie’s friend Allison dreamed it up, and basically, it’s a day of the week where you remove the veneer of perfection from your social media and blog posts. I love the idea of this because here at the Double Chin Diary I try to be all about transparency — probably sometimes too much, as there are some posts I’ve written that I will probably cringe at ten years down the line 😉

So in the spirit of transparency, here are several truths from today and the past few days. Overall, today was a good day, but there are things about every day that are decidedly unglamorous.

1) I had about half of this post written when my finger slipped, hit the n key, and deleted my whole blog. I was pissed. I thought WordPress would save my butt with its draft function, but when I clicked the post draft, the single, letter “n” was staring back at me tauntingly. I really did think about blowing off blogging for the night, but then I felt guilty because I like my blog. So here I am, writing more. Appropriate for the subject 🙂

2) I have been about 90% excellent with my eating and fitness habits the past week, but I did do something naughty and ate popcorn for dinner on Saturday. I’m hoping I’ve had enough water since then to make good for my salty indulgence when I weigh in at Weight Watchers tomorrow. PS: You should see American Hustle. Really good! I’m hoping Dallas Buyer’s Club wins for best picture, but I am unfairly biased as I haven’t seen all of the nominees yet.

3) I’ve had an upset stomach all day and I skipped the gym because of it. I’ve also felt kind of spaced out and tired all day. I hope I’m not getting sick.

4) I am lying in my bed right now on my laptop drinking electrolyte water. I tried to drink the water with my head too far down and I spilled cold water all over my neck. 🙁

Feeling blah in bed with my water, which I promptly spilled all over myself after taking this photo.

Feeling blah in bed with my water, which I promptly spilled all over myself after taking this photo.

5) We have a basket of laundry sitting at the foot of our bed that has been there for many, many moons. I need to get around to it but let’s face it… there’s always something better to do!

6) It’s 9:47 p.m. and well… I’m going to bed 🙂

So there you have it. My transparent tuesday, except in even more transparency, I can admit that all of these things happened on MONDAY! Maybe we could call it Mediocre Monday. Meh Monday. Is there anything you want to be transparent about for today? Tell me!


8 thoughts on “Transparent Tuesday: The Double Chin Diary edition

  1. Yeah, I’m great at spilling water too. I look on the bright side though as it used to always be soda.
    Little blessings in everything.
    Thanks for the post!

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