Tis the season to be chubby, fa la la la la la la la la la la….

Hello Double Chinners! After last week’s tremendous loss, I struggled this week. Here’s why:

Amazing sugar cookies from my friend!

It wasn’t JUST the cookies, of course. It was spiced Morroccan lemon chicken, with a salty, creamy gravy, dotted with whole kalamata olives. It was a pile of soft, fluffy couscous, draped with thin slices of lamb. It was a steaming bowl of ramen soup, laden with piles of udon and half an egg. It was a breakfast quiche, served as we cruised the Marina at Matt’s annual work Christmas brunch, topped with brown cheese and freshly chopped spring onions. It was all of these things.

I’m feeling a little… chubby. But, my jeans still fit and my brain is still in the right place, after a temporary “whoops” of a weekend. It’s so tempting to just be like “Eff my diet! It’s the HOLIDAYS! EAT ALL THE THINGS!” but I know if I do that, every pound I’ve cried and obsessed over this year will come back to me… because there is nothing my fat loves more than to be with me. My fat and I have the worst co-dependent relationship in the world. It’s like that clingy boyfriend you never really got rid of in highschool, whom you dumped years ago but still “pokes” you on Facebook. I totally just want to be like, “It’s Christmas! Nom nom nom nom! Who needs pants that button anyways?” (Especially now that I work from home and a fancy getup for me involves gnome pajamas.) But, I can’t. I must stay strong. Fat and I don’t need to be attached at the hip.

Anyone else struggle to stay on track when the holidays roll around? What was your breaking point this year, if you had one? If you haven’t yet, how are you staying strong?




3 thoughts on “Tis the season to be chubby, fa la la la la la la la la la la….

  1. The trick to avoid holiday eating is to get a brutal cold that also has the side effect of inducing the dry heaves (this morning was NOT a good morning.)

    But I somehow don’t think that’s a real popular route…

  2. I’m getting frustrated with my little bit of weight I’m trying to shed. My wedding dress fits, but my jeans don’t. I had to sit with my pants unbuttoned at the movies this weekend…I’m at the point where I need face the facts and realize this is my new size and it’s time stop trying to squeeze into my jeans. I’m buying new jeans during the after Christmas sales. As long as I maintain what I am now until the wedding I’ll be fine. This is the first time I ever really tried to lose weight and it’s definitely a frustrating roller coaster!! Anyway, just keep up your workouts, plus you’ll be out adventuring in Thailand VERY soon!

  3. Same here girl. And sometimes, it’s worth it to say “this is not a good time” and just exist, because if I don’t, sometimes I try then I get fed up and binge! I’m just looking at 1/1/13 for my “reset!”

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