Time flies

Wow, it has been three weeks since I last wrote!  Wouldn’t it be awesome if I could announce that within those three weeks that I lost a whole bunch of weight!?  Well, I didn’t. I’m actually the exact same weight I was on May 9th.  I was going to go to Weight Watchers this morning but after taking Nyquil last night as a final resort to stop my hundreds of sneezes, cough, and overall feeling of horribleness – I was knocked out for ten hours and totally missed my meetings! Oops.

I have spent the past three weeks embracing love for the people around me,  worrying about finishing up my semester (I ended with a 3.57 so yay!) and setting my plans for the summer.  I landed a job with the Humane Society to teach at their summer camp so I am extra excited for that.  I start on Tuesday and I’m a bit freaked out as I haven’t worked a regular job in five years.  Hopefully adapting won’t be too hard.

I also have been crafting together training walks for the 3-day sixty mile journey I’ll be taking in November with Alyssa and our two buddies Monique and Aubrey.   I have two set for my town of Petaluma but am also planning one on Saturday July 12th to walk seven miles through San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park.  If you’re local to the bay – or happen to visiting – you should totally join our walk!  You don’t have to do the full seven miles, I can map out shorter routes that will be easy to just turn around when you’re ready.


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I have been doing multiple walks myself to prepare for doing much longer adventures and am proud of myself for that.  I can already feel myself getting in better shape for it.  My first walk in Petaluma is Monday June 16th and we’ll be doing five miles then.  I’m excited because of a few of my local friends are joining in and I even got a fellow Komen walker to come too!  If you live in Sonoma County, feel free to join us for this night-time walk!

So far I am $95 into my goal of $2,300 but I have plenty of faith that I’ll be able to do a lot of fundraising this summer once I’m able to shift my focus from school and my new job onto planning ways to come up with the money.

If you have ever done a walk like this before – what are some ways that you found best in raising funds?  I hate asking people for money and I know I just need to get braver at it, especially if I want to raise another $2,205.


I hope you all have a glorious weekend!


Peace and many walks,



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  1. So excited for the training walk! I love San Francisco so much. Last time I visited we walked around Golden Gate Park a little, can’t wait to explore more!

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