This is why I’m fat. (Guest post by the fabulous April)

My time on the Double Chin Diary surely is inspiring!  I am happy to say that I am already down 4.4 pounds from my weight I was a week ago.  It’s a huge relief for me to get down so quickly because it helps me motivate me to keep up with the exercise!  It also motivates me to just say NO to my old habits of slurpees and sodas…. Though for some reason in my messed up little mind I feel as if I deserve a slurpee for my hard work.

I will be strong and resist because I know that tonight I’ll be celebrating a birthday with my friend’s and probably eating some of the delicious Funfetti cake I baked for her.  Though I would much rather have a slurpee over a cake any day.

The other day my sister Alyssa and I were talking about our hardest habits to break.  Alyssa has a big preference for salty and crunchy snacks like chips and popcorn while I have a sweet tooth that would make Willy Wonka proud.  Given the choice between solid sugar and liquid sugar – I would take the liquid sugar any day!

I broke it down like this:

I could have a Snickers bar and be done with the pleasure of it within two minutes.

I could have a pile of chips and be done with those within ten minutes.

– OR – I could have a can of soda or a slurpee and have anywhere from thirty minutes to an hour of delicious liquid sugar flowing through my mouth with each sip that I take.  For me it’s all about continuous pleasure!  Why waste 300 calories on something that could be gone within minutes?!

And that, my friends, is why I’m fat.

What kind of addictions have you had to give up or cut back on to make your weight loss goals?

This is why I’m fat.

5 thoughts on “This is why I’m fat. (Guest post by the fabulous April)

  1. Cheese.
    And ice cream. I could easily finish a pint of ice cream every night…. If t wouldn’t make me 800 lbs and diabetic >.<

  2. I would say my addictions are bread, cheese and popcorn! I love cheesy bread, pizza, pasta and Mexican food. I also made the mistake of buying a Costco size box of microwave popcorn. I need to opt for more fruits and veggies and not so much greasy, carb heavy choices.

  3. Girls,
    I’m with Alyssa. Gimme something salty and crunchy… Bread, esp. garlic/cheesy bread are my downfalls. It runs in the family, remember Nonnie’s cheesecake? I still dream about it sometimes. After baby girl is here in 7 short weeks, the official “diet of a lifetime” will begin. I love you gals, try to come visit and see the baby soon. 🙂

  4. Congrats on your loss!!! And I agree… I love to be able to enjoy something for a while. Popcorn, chips, candy… yummmm. I’d love to know what you’re replacing those sweet treats you crave with!!!

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