Thin mints = Fat April.

“To the Thin Mint”

Forty calories

Chocolate mint indulgence.

Five dollars for fat.




I’ve been a fan of these small mint cookies ever since I was hustling them door-to-door in a wagon across the cold streets of Naperville, Illinois. Of course, back in those days a box of cookie calories was costing around $2, not the current reflection of supply and demand at $5 a box. I sold Thin Mints, Peanut Butter Patties, Shortbread cookies, and Coconut Delights by the TENS back then!  I swear one year I even got a special badge for all the profit I was making for the Girl Scouts.

But now, over twenty years later, my box of Thin Mints has changed in more ways than just inflation. The ingredients, though never on the “healthy side” anyway since it always has been a processed cookie, now contains all sorts of crap that makes me want to banish these cookies from my life. From partially hydrogenated palm kernel oil, AND/OR cottonseed, palm, and soybean oil – These “crisp wafers covered in chocolaty coating” are covering the arteries of whoever consumes them as well.

I hate tearing apart something that I have always loved. Especially because I am still totally guilty of eating these cookies.  The only reason I’m able to use that quote above is because there is a box sitting right in front of me.

However, my love of these little cookies has caused me much grief during the week and gave my mind the following excuse: “You’re already blowing it on Thin Mints, just take it easy this week.”

And because of that logic, I gained 1.2 pounds this week instead of losing it.  But such is life… and as my friend Laura has been saying, tomorrow is a new day. 🙂

Are any of your fans of Girl Scout cookies?  Which are your favorites?  Do the current ingredients change the way to like them?

Happy Friday, everyone!






7 thoughts on “Thin mints = Fat April.

  1. I love Girl Scout cookies! I like the shortbread and peanut butter patties the most. I learned recently that orangutan habitats are being destroyed because of the popularity of palm oil, and it can only grow in very specific regions. But it’s really hard to avoid because it’s cheap so food-makers put it in almost everything! Plus a lot of “health foods” use palm oil or variations of it too. I’m keeping an eye out for it on food labels now.

    • After you posted this I started looking at a few more labels and you’re totally right, palm oil is in a bunch of stuff!

      Argh, Ben and Jerrys 🙁 Why you gotta taste so good with thin mints!?

  2. I LOOOVE Thin Mints! Totally a guilty pleasure- but what I’m most guilty of is the same “already cheating, might as well totally blow it” mentality. Why do we see our diets as only good or bad, without varying degrees of ideal and less-than-ideal? I’m trying desperately to remember that a slip-up doesn’t call for a cannonball dive into a gallon of ice cream, and two wrongs Definitely don’t make a right! 🙂

  3. Peanut Butter Patties and Caramel Delights…mmmmmmm…I have a niece who is a Girl Scout so of course I’ll buy a box or two, but I’m going to have to freeze one to save myself! If I really had good willpower I would just donate the money – they do that now, take donations instead of selling cookies.

    • That’s a nice tip, maybe I’ll just start supporting them by handing over cash instead. The whole charity aspect of giving to a group that gave so much to my life is a big reason why I buy the cookies but you’re right. I don’t have to actually GET the cookies to give.

  4. I do heart me the peanut butter ones but Ive been delaying my purchase. I know the boyfriend will buy some thin mints sometime soon…but I am going to do my best to keep them out of the house. So far down 4 pds this last week and half…they will not help my progress. But oh so yummy.

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