The Last Hurrah

Last night, I celebrated the “last hurrah”. The last hurrah for what, you ask? For my impending membership in…. Weight Watchers! After Alycia’s inspiring guest post and the fact that my work finally got the monthly-pass option, and that they’ve reworked the points plus system, I wanted to give it another try. Not to mention my flex spend account will cover Weight Watchers for 2012 – so I really had no reason not to give it a go. (And if I run into similar issues like I did last time with the meeting/leader, I can now attend meetings other than at work.) Our first meeting is on Thursday.

Sangria Sampler, yum!

Anyways, we had a groupon for Muvico – an awesome movie theatre in Thousand Oaks that has age 21+ movies where you can bring wine and beer into the theatre, and feast on free popcorn! We met up with our friends Shelley and Daniel for a double date! Before the movie, we had a light dinner at the Lazy Dog Coffee. I started my evening with a delicious Sangria sampler consisting of Red Pomegranate, White Peach and Black Currant Rose. The white peach was definitely my favorite – and Shelley’s too! I also had some super tasty lettuce wraps.

Lettuce Wraps

After dinner, we headed in to the movie theatre to see The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. This movie theatre had very plush, reclining seats that also gently rocked back and forth. With my hot, salty popcorn (Fresh from the popper!) I was a happy girl.


The movie was really good – very suspenseful and with a strong (albeit a little nutty) female lead. I was enjoying a healthy buzz from my sangria sampler, which regretfully lead to the inhalation of one bag of sourpatch watermelon slices and about a bag and a half of popcorn. I pigged out, and am not proud of it as the bloat from crazy salt manifested itself as an 8 pound gain on the scale this morning 😐

However, I know it’s 8 pounds full of salt and water and little pieces of candy floating around, so I’m not that worried. I’m back on track after my last hurrah, and even spent 35 minutes sweating my butt off on an incline 6 on the treadmill at the gym today. I’m ready to get started… and have even started tracking again! Here’s to hoping this time around I can make Weight Watchers work for me, by consistently tracking, being honest and keeping up the exercise. In this case, my last hurrah was exactly what I needed to get mentally prepared for some of the changes I need to make in the coming months.

When you’re getting ready for a diet or “lifestyle change” (I hate both of those terms), do you ever give yourself a “last hurrah”?



6 thoughts on “The Last Hurrah

  1. Hell-to-the-yeah! haha…so many times it’s ridiculous. Just ask me about the time I duct-taped and foiled my fridge shut and packed all my food into inaccessible boxes to keep myself from eating after a bad binge on bagels (like a whole costco pack) and hummus (like a whole huge tub) that was a last food hurrah. I think I even have the diary entry on my old computer. If I find it, I’ll send it to you. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll know I have my batshit insane moments.

  2. YOU GO GIRL!! You can totally rock it this year!!

    Just remember to take it slow. As hard as it was last year to keep reminding myself that I found it was easier to stay committed when I wasn’t going full balls out 🙂 I gently eased into it and it was so much easier to stick to!!

    BTW – SSSSSOOOO Jealous you have an adult beverage movie theater!! 🙂

  3. I think I’ve had a few last hurrahs the past two weeks but then i’ll find another batch of candy or salted-something-or other and it pairs nicely with beer. Huzzah!

  4. I dont think I had a last hurrah so to speak… I think I might have run to mcdonalds the day before starting though, so maybe!!

    Just remember to make it work for you. Whether that is getting into a routine of meals [I typically have the same lunch/breakfast every morning] or using the crock pot for meals for the week [something I also do when I see a hectic week coming up and know I won’t get the time to cook].

    And remember the most important thing: you CAN DO IT!

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