Thailand 20 Tuesday – Week 6

Hello friends! Last night, after another great cardio workout, I thought to myself “I’m going to get on the scale tomorrow and have lost like FOUR POUNDS! Yes! I can feel it!” Well… I got on the scale this morning and I lost a number FOUR… but it was .4. WOMP WOMP. Cue the sad clown music.

Not quite where I want to be after six weeks, but I’m going to try not to be a Debbie Downer…

My initial reaction is to cry, throw things and break the scale. Well, thankfully, I have two very wise men in my life – my husband and my brother. Husband reminded me that I’ve been working hard and looking and feeling better – and I can’t get too discouraged. My brother surprised me with some major wisdom – see our chat below to see what I mean (When did he grow up? In my mind he will always be 12 years old and fishing for crawdads from the neighborhood creek.)

Here’s what I know is working:

1) I’ve been really good about cardio, and I can feel it. I have more energy, it’s not as “hard”, and I’m feeling calmer and less stressed than usual. I clocked in 5 hours of sweaty, hard cardio exercise this week which is major for me. So I have to applaud myself for that. I even mastered 10 minutes on the stair machine last night, which was a big deal for me!

2) I’m consistently tracking on MyFitnessPal and have stayed within my daily range which is 1,600 calories. I’m going to meet with my dietitian next week to see if I maybe need to reduce calories further (I hope not, but think I might have to!). I’m eating lots of veggies, whole grains and lean proteins, and making smart choices when I go out to eat.

3) Here’s a few items of miscellany: I sometimes wonder if I need to go “no brain” on the food and do something like Jenny Craig. What’s the feedback on Jenny Craig? It sounds really, really expensive and I know I’d miss cooking – but I wonder if I need to be on something that’s already pre-measured and portion-controlled. Thoughts? Also, I officially need to take my measurements today. For weeks like this where I’m a grumpzilla after my weigh in, it would help to know if at least SOMETHING is shrinking (and please God, don’t let it be my boobs). I’m waiting to get a call back from the doc about my thyroid test. Could this be a missing link?

There’s also some pressure when you blog about your weight to log in every week and have a glowing success story for your readers. I even thought to myself this morning, “Do I need to fib a little bit? People aren’t going to want to read that I had another subpar week.” Shameful, I know. I think sometimes that I should stop blogging about weightloss since I never seem to succeed with it, and go back to writing about things I’m good at – how the cat got caught in the birdbath, how to talk to people on social media, how to make the best stovetop popcorn ever. And while I let myself have a little bloggy pity party, I remembered that this blog isn’t about writing some fancy, nice happy ending story. It’s not fiction. It’s reality. It’s about my goal to lose weight, and unfortunately, since it’s real life, it’s not always going to be cheery sparkle rainbow unicorn poop. Ya feel me?

So that’s what’s up on Thailand 20 Tuesday. Maybe I should rename to this to Thailand Trying Tuesday. Thailand Torture Tuesday. Thailand TinyLoss Tuesday. Thailand “Sometimes I think I’ll be fat forever” Tuesday. Thailand “I can’t wait to go to Thailand even if I am the same weight” Tuesday. Thailand “At least I’m healthy” Tuesday. Thailand “Is it Wednesday Yet?” Tuesday. Yes. Or maybe something more simple… just Thailand Tuesday. 🙂 Till next time.. I’m keepin’ on keepin’ on. How are you doing today?

8 thoughts on “Thailand 20 Tuesday – Week 6

  1. *hug* You’re doing awesome, lady! 5 hours of cardio? You’re gonna be hella strong and stamina-filled! (pardon my norcal.)

    And I mean, you’re doing this, and a thesis, and working full time. Give yourself some love for being such a BAMF!

    Also, you’re a blonde bombshell! So there. LOVE YOU!

    PS. everything is fine and dandy here 🙂

  2. Well first off, you have lost over 10 pounds since you’ve been blogging and I consider that a huge milestone. I think once you get past the first 10 it’s going to be a fight, but you will keep losing if you keep up the hard work! Which you are! Also, muscle weighs more than fat and if you are doing cardio and at the same time getting in some strength training, then there is a very good chance you are also building muscle (esp if you are doing the stair climber, my absolute least favorite means of working out lol). I think your blog is awesome and love reading your accomplishments, big or small. .4 lbs lost is still a loss! Keep up the good work and keep up the blogging! And whenever you wanna grab a healthy CCC lunch I am just a phone call and a block away!

  3. I think tracking your measurements is a great idea! I bet you’ll see more of a difference there anyway! That’s wonderful that you did 5 hours of cardio in a week, keep it up! I think blogging is a good way to keep you accountable and on your toes but don’t feel too much pressure–it’s your blog and you can do whatever you want with it!

  4. I feel the same way. I’m recording everything I eat and working out at least an hour and a half each day, but the scale is barely moving. It’s easy to get discouraged that way, but I keep going because I do see muscle starting to show in my arms and my jeans feel more comfortable.

    I always try to remember that working out is good for my heart and a healthy heart is the number one thing I need to succeed.

    Good luck! Don’t give up!

  5. I think hearing about how you’re trying- and what you’re succeeding at- is way more interesting/valuable than “I lost another 5 pounds yay” every week. And I get the whole appeal of Jenny but it’s not sustainable. Eventually you’ll have to prepare your own meals again. You could do the same thing by building a healthy menu and making it for yourself daily. It would be boring (as I assume Jenny would get after a while) but it would take all the guesswork out of it, and be affordable. Maybe something to talk through and plan? And WHENNN do you get those results back? That will answer some questions fo sho! I love your check-in’s and I think just calling it Thailand Tues works 🙂 Take me with you?

  6. Jenny Craig… NO!!! When I tried Jenny Craig I would go, buy the food, weigh in and eat all the yummo food before I even got home!! It is frustrating, slow, a piss off, but you just can not give up!!! No matter what!!! just keep weighing your proteins, measure out your coffee creamer, do your cardio every day, and little by little you will get there!

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