Thailand 20 Tuesday – Week 5

Hi everybody! Sorry I missed a post yesterday – I got home from Chicago and have been catching up on work and such!

This week brings a disappointing weigh in – I’m up one pound. I think it’s pretty much impossible for me to reach 20 pounds lost in the next five weeks, but I’m going to keep going because SOMETHING is better than nothing. I’m a little frustrated with this week’s weigh in results because I consistently stayed in my calories on MyFitnessPal for 5 out of 7 days… and did a bunch more cardio this week. I think what set me off was that on Saturday and Sunday I overate. I didn’t go crazy, but I went over on calories by about 300 – 450 on both days (Chicago Pizza and White Castle Onion Rings sent me over the edge.) I’m finding when I’m on a weight loss kick, I need to be damn near perfect in terms of eating and exercise 98% of the time.I guess you can’t have “cheat” days when you’re trying to aggressively lose weight. 🙁

Some of the big important things happening this week are: 1) I should get results from my next Thyroid test. My doctor was concerned about how I was “close” to the hypo-thyroid range last time, so she’s checking it out since it has been six months since my last test. If it’s low, we’ll have a good indicator of why my body should be nicknamed “Sally Slow” when it comes to weight loss.

2)Despite this week’s gain, I’m not going to get too down. Here’s why:

Weight loss is about choices. In Chicago on Saturday, I really WANTED a cream-filled Dunkin Doughnut for breakfast… but I also want to lose weight. What did I order? An eggwhite flatbread and unsweetened iced tea. It was ok – not anything spectacular, but for a healthy and filling breakfast item, it was A-OK. Then on Sunday, as I dashed through the airport, I wanted to grab a quick bite to eat. Boy, Taco Bell would be good, I thought… and then once again that little internal voice kicked in and I walked away with a veggie sandwich on whole wheat.

It felt really good to see my family, and despite the sad reason we were there, it was a good way to remember cousin Josh’s life by celebrating him with people we loved. Here I am with my cousin Jenny and my two younger-generation cousins (Children of my cousin Michelle). Aren’t we cute? We’re definitely all related. In closing, I’ll leave you a picture of the thing that probably de-railed me – the Chicago pizza. I only had four small square pieces (they’re cut in squares, not wedges), but I bet the salt and grease blew up my tummy. Yay.

I thought four pieces was a reasonable serving, but maybe next time I need to have two. (They weren’t that big, I swear!!!) Ah, well.. the weight loss jig continues. And I guess if I lost weight as quickly as I wanted, I’d have nothing to blog about, right? 😉

Until next time – make good choices, keep on sweatin’, and come back next Tuesday, where I will report a loss even if I have to chop off my left arm to do it 🙂 PS: Last day to enter the Homemade Harvey and Whole Foods Giveaway!



6 thoughts on “Thailand 20 Tuesday – Week 5

  1. I love you!! A little pizza didn’t hurt your aspirations. I gained a whole 1/2 pound according to the dr the past 3 weeks in a row. I eat lots and lots of pizza. I’ll be thinking about you in Thailand while I’m hangin’ out with new baby girl who is due any day now.

  2. Try to stay positive and realize that you aren’t going to have a loss every week. Some weeks you will stay in the same fricking place on the scale and sometimes you will even go up a few. It’s a PITA, but… as long as you keep doing more right than wrong [in terms of exercise, eating right, etc] you will see good results.

    You might not hit your 20 but I know you will make progress. Hang in there!

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  4. Hey, we can’t all be Losers all the time. 😉 Also that veggie sandwhich made me salivate! Since when do veggies have that effect on me? I’m thinking it is the up close in-your-face photo that did it. 🙂

  5. OMG when I think about how many of the tiny squares of pizza I could eat… I’m surprised I’m not 700 lbs. But I guess I didn’t get fat on Brussels sprouts, now did I? Also, I am glad you were able to be with family and celebrate a life instead of just sadness and mourning. Families are wonderful for that, right?!

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