Thailand 20 Tuesday: Week 1 Results

Hello friends! Today marks the first week complete of my Thailand 20 Tuesday and I am happy to report I am starting the week right on track with a loss of two pounds!

McCormick Fiesta Citrus Salt Free Seasoning on Cucumbers

This week I made lots of changes that helped me be successful – like eating tons of veggies! For lunch one day, I paired my turkey sandwich with some fiesta style cucumber slices – just cucumbers, lime juice and McCormick Citrus Fiesta seasoning I got from FitBloggin’. Yum.

Then for dinner, I bulked up my meals again with yummy things like roasted peppers and brussels sprouts with a spritz of Balsamic vinegar. Of course, I tracked everything on MyFitnessPal, too.

Brussels sprouts on the stalk! Just mist with EVOO and balsamic vinegarette and roast at 400!

I also stayed true to my word of entering “beast mode” and exercising as much as I possibly could! Not only did I hit the gym, but I did things around the house like washing the cars, weeding and doing laundry.

Sweaty and pink from a great cardio workout!

A couple other small things I did: I started a new vitamin regimen (more on that later), I drank tons of water and tea and tried to cut out my beloved diet coke (Sad.), and I was mindful of being hungry when I ate – not just bored or looking for a fix.

All in all I’m thrilled that week one was a great start – and now it’s time to keep it up for week two! Yay!

10 thoughts on “Thailand 20 Tuesday: Week 1 Results

  1. Oh I’m interested in trying that little shake stuff you put on your cucumbers! yumm! I also would love to hear more about this vitamin regime but I’ll have to be patient! Good job Lyssa! you are looking beautiful as usual! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. you are so dedicated…you have to be to give up soda! Good luck your on the right track so I am sure you are going to do it! Keep up the good work and have fun in Thiland (take tons of pictures)

  3. You show that 20 pounds who’s boss! Send them packing! I’ll make sure to have a huge veggie platter at my party along with other healthful noms! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. Keep it going! You’re inspiring me to eat more veggies and visit the gym more often! I’m going to look for that seasoning next time I’m at the grocery store, you know I LOVE putting chili and lemon on my cucumbers!

  5. Great job! So proud of you, if you keep this up no doubt you’ll hit your goal for sure! PS I have never roasted sprouts on the stalk! Do you just just them off at the end? I like mine small so I always just buy the bag then half or quarter them. Picky still ๐Ÿ™‚ And nothing goes better with sprouts than balsamic!!!

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