What I Ate Wednesday!

Hello everybody! Today I’m participating in the “What I ate Wednesday: Summer Staples” version. I’m traveling for work so my eating has been a little wacky -thankfully as I prepared for this post though I realized it hasn’t been too bad!

What I ate today!

I started the morning with my “Summer Staple” of yogurt. I’ve been obsessed with Greek yogurt for awhile, but since I’m back in the North bay, I treated myself to some organic Clover Stornetta cream top. Clover Stornetta is a local creamery from my hometown of Petaluma, so I always love to support their dairy when I’m in the area. It’s so tasty and that little bit of extra cream is super decadent and feels like a nice morning treat. I also had some English breakfast tea and a plum (not pictured).

One of the benefits of working for a techy company is free lunch! Today I ordered traditional curried chicken tenders with grilled vegetables over basmati rice. The flavors were amazing – simple yet exotic, and the little bit of spice was great for this cold I have that just won’t go away. (Any tips for me?! I’ve tried Emergen-C, sleep, dayquil, tea, honey and lemon, rain dancing…)

I had a cup of fresh mixed berries as a snack – perfect fuel for energy without being too heavy or sugar-dense.

I worked late and came back to my studio searching high and low for delivery since I was too lazy to walk anywhere (truth). I finally found a highly-rated Chinese place and ordered spicy green beans with chicken and vegetable chowmein. I was too stuffed to hack into the chow mein after my spicy green beans, but I did eat two fortune cookies with some Oolong tea.

It was a yummy day of food, and if there’s anything I can thank this cold for, it’s that my appetite is not its usual guns-a-blazing. I’m still eating plenty, but I’m focusing on the right portion sizes and trying to remember to balance out protein, vegetable and starch. High 5 for healthy eating while out of town! How’s your week going, food wise?


What I Ate Today

Hey bloggies! I’m back on track, trackin’ away on the Weight Watchers plan. I decided it’d be fun to take pics of everything I ate in one day – you know, kind of like those “What’s in your purse?” features in trashy magazines, except this is “what’s in my belly.” Let it be known – remembering to photograph everything you eat is difficult. I may or may not have consumed two green olives and a small chunk of bread that didn’t get glamour shots… shhh.


I started the day with a 0% Chobani Peach Greek Yogurt (3 points), mint green tea (o points) and a banana (0 points). I’m not a huge breakfast person, so this is enough to get me through the morning. The Greek yogurt has a whopping 12 points of protein! I tend to skimp on meat so I figure this is a good way to get my protein.


For lunch, I had my ultimate favorite – a cobb salad with no cheese and light ranch dressing from a Jewish deli. DO YOU SEE ALL THAT BACON?! Today I tried something I’ve always read about but never actually done – dipping your fork in the dressing then spearing your salad. Um – it totally works, and is awesome, and at the end of the salad I had TONS of dressing left. SCORE! This salad clocked in at about 13 points.

3:30 Snack

At 3:30, I started getting the rumbly tummy of hunger (ok fine, and maybe a bit of “I’m sick of copy editing these blogs, so what else can I do? EAT!”) and decided to have a snack. I forgot to take a picture of the pear before I ate it, so enjoy the art work. (There’s a reason I’m a writer and not an artist.) The pear is 0 points, and the string cheese was 2 points.

7 pm snack

Matt and I went to Trader Joe’s after work to stock up, and as we left the store, I was famished and ripped open a bag of unsweetened dried mango. Four nice, thick chewy pieces is 3 points, and tastes kind of like mango astronaut food. Yum.

7 PM Salad with Dinner

While we waited for our mini pizzas to bake, we each had a green salad with cucumber, tomato and romaine lettuce. I used the Trader Joe’s Spicy Peanut dressing (2 points per 2 tbsp).

Pizza for dinner!

We each had half of the Trader Joe’s Mini Portobello and Garlic Pizza (6 points) and half of the Margherita pizza (7 points). These are super tasty and great in a pinch when you’re too lazy to cook.

Snack: 10 PM

Then I went to the gym and did an hour of yoga… and came back and ate an organic brown rice krispy treat (3 points).

So what did I learn from this little exercise?

1) Weight Watchers is cool, because this is obviously a lot of food.

2) Little snacks are important for me, because I turn into a crazy, bitchy cookie monster if I’m hungry.

3) Taking pictures makes me feel somewhat more responsible for the choices I make – for example, I knew if I ordered a big fat reuben at the deli… I’d have to be honest and take a picture. I still enjoyed my delicious cobb, but I made choices to lighten it up, like dipping the fork in dressing and nixing any cheese.

If we looked at your visual diary of what you ate today, what would we see?