My Weight Loss Dilemma

Hello dear readers: now that there’s more than a few of you, I realize I need to make this into an actual weight loss blog and LOSE some weight! Sigh – I was hoping I could keep up the facade forever 😉 (I jest.) I’m hoping to get my new “Progress” link going in the next few days – so help me make a decision on which way to lose my flabby fluffy flubber! PLEASE leave a comment and let me know your thoughts. I crumble easily under peer pressure… which is why my doughnut-pushing co-workers are evil. For those of you who are new to the blog, I’ve got the exercise thing goin’ on, so any plan I follow will include lots of heart pumping cardio and strength-training 🙂

  • Weight Watchers. It’s reliable, it’s worked for me before, it’s very well recommended, it’s sensible and livable. I can have a glass of wine, I can eat sugar. Keeps me accountable with weekly weigh ins and motivational meetings. I’ve seen it work for many of my friends. Cons are: I sometimes feel I have too much freedom, it’s not cheap at $40+ a month, and there’s start up costs associated with getting e-tools, the little calculator, etc. Sometimes the meetings get a little preachy, and I’ve never been spurred to motivation by the cheesy stories and jokes. I also end up not tracking sometimes due to forgetting, being in meetings all day at work, etc. Can anybody comment on the online plan? How does it work?
  • Low Carb – Ala South Beach. It works for me better than any other plan, and completely eliminates my problems with boredom or emotional eating. It’s just strict enough to keep me away from the stuff that makes me uncontrollable, and I get to eat yummy fatty stuff like cream cheese and bacon (within reason). Weight loss is rapid and the rapid pace keeps you motivated. It’s fairly inexpensive, but it’s also a hard lifestyle to maintain when you’re at parties or out with friends. Also makes it fairly difficult to cook for the husband since I’m one of those “I cook for you because I love you” type of people. I can usually last a few weeks before I feel like stabbing somebody for a bite of an apple.
  • Old School – The tried and true of weight loss. Cut the crap, move more, eat less. This way WORKS, no questions asked, and I’ve lost 30 pounds before this way, but I also had a free nutritionist on hand (ah the joys of being a student and working only PT) and a crazy schedule (hence less time to eat and always being on the move). I feel like in many ways this is the hardest choice at all – because it means being GOOD. Journaling my food choices on my own, having to really be conscious of decisions I make. Inexpensive, certainly less limiting than low carb.

So there you have it. Tell me what you think – what’s worked for you, why it’s worked, your opinions, etc. I realize this is a personal choice, but I like to weigh out the factors on all sides before making a decision. I’m a highly analytical person and like to hear suggestions, because sometimes you get your head so far up your own butt that obvious facts get buried in vanity, stubbornness or sheer laziness. I’m also kind of ridiculously wishy-washy. Matt picked out his wedding band in 20 minutes. It took me over a month.

My brain is kind of telling me to go back to Weight Watchers, but my heart wants to believe I have that little bird of hope and inspiration in my soul that will burst into song and cling on to the deeply-hidden willpower within me. (Little bird of hope just vomited at that trite, over the top description)

So – it’s a swing vote. Influence me. Peer pressure me. Convince me. It’s time to practice your persuasive speaking skills (btw, I am VERY persuasive. Won an award for it in a college political science debate class!). Those of you lurking behind your computer screens, SAY SOMETHING! I know you’re there, I can see you in the daily visitor numbers. Say something! GO!