Introducing… Thailand 20 Tuesday

Hello dear readers! Yesterday, as I flitted to and fro doing things here and there I realized – I’m going to Thailand in 10 weeks!!! WOW.
My second thought was, “Holy shit! I need to lose weight!”.
So – time to kick it up a notch. It’s time to go into BEAST MODE. This is a fairly aggressive goal for my sluggish, slow metabolising body… but I’m shooting for 20 pounds by December 21st. That gives me 10 weeks, and if I can sustain a big but still healthy loss of 2 pounds per week, I can reach 20 pounds. I’m going to…

1) Exercise 5 days out of 7.
2) Drink at least five 8 OZ Glasses of water per day.
3) Cut out all sugar and junk.
4) Focus on whole grains, lean proteins, and yummy veggies.
5) Take care of myself.

So – every Tuesday, I’m reporting back to you all with my progress. Help keep me accountable. It’s time for Thailand 20 Tuesday. Because when I ride an elephant, I don’t want the elephant to think “There’s an elephant riding me.”

Don’t mind the horrible photoshop work. The art genes went to my brother, not me. And yes, that is me in a bathing suit. Shock! Horror! Bravery!

Weekly Weigh In

Yummy Mini Cupcakes at Amy's Shower (I only had 2!)

Hi everybody! How was your weekend? Mine was awesome and very busy with seeing Dark Knight (surprisingly loved it – I’m not a big action movie person but I really liked the storyline), attending my sweet friend Amy’s bridal shower, getting a mani/pedi with my buddy Jenny, and then heading to Pasadena to have dinner and birthday drinks with our girl Hilda. It was a super social weekend and jam packed with fun. I haven’t done a weigh in post in awhile because I figured you all see the ticker on the right hand side of the page, but it seemed like a good time to check in with you all!

As of this morning I’m holding steady at 7 pounds lost – not as far along in my weight loss journey as I’d like, but certainly better than losing nothing or worse – gaining! There’s one major obstacle standing in my way. I’m getting better and better with the eating, especially portion control – but what I’m struggling with is exercise. By the time I get home from work and clock some thesis hours, I’m too tired and lazy to go to the gym. Does anyone have any tips for me? I have my gym bag packed and in my car so tomorrow on my way home from work I can go right to the gym, and with my new job, I have no excuse because I will seriously drive right past it. I’ve also debated exercising in the morning, as I’ve heard that getting that early morning endorphin rush can help set the tone for a great day. Any early bird fitness freaks out there? What do you think?

I know if I can get my butt back into gear, the weight will start sliding off. Today I had a major “WHOA” moment when I realized Matt and I head to Thailand in 4 short months and 23 days! I have about 14 pounds to lose until my first mini goal, so I think that’s a reasonable amount of time to safely and slowly shed that weight without having to abandon some of my favorite things. I’ll already be celebrating two major things in December – my 10 year dating anniversary with my husband, and graduating with my MA. How awesome would it be to celebrate those things just a little bit healthier and with a little more energy? Sounds awesome to me.

If you’re watching your weight, how’s it going? Any challenges? Successes? Non-Scale Victories? Chime in!



A little mention of Weekly Weigh in #8 – and EXCITING NEWS!

Oh my goodness! A friend of mine reminded me that I left you all hangin’ with my good news! (Once again… I’m NOT pregnant. Sorry, mom.) Since the weigh in part of this post is not good news, let’s start with the good news. Remember my post about my 2012 goals? Remember how one of those goals was going to Thailand? Well…

I’m going to Thailand for two weeks in December!

Matt and I have wanted to go to Thailand for a looooong time. When we started dating, I introduced him to the glories of Thai food, and it become a mutual dream that we’d one day traipse through jungles on elephants and bow down at handcrafted Buddhist temples. In December, I’m graduating with my master’s degree, and we’ll be celebrating our 10 year anniversary. It just made sense to book an awesome trip in celebration of accomplishing those two wonderful and joyous goals!

We’ll be leaving on December 21 and coming back two weeks later, which means we’ll be spending Christmas and New Years on the other side of the world. Freakin’ cool, man. Freakin’ cool. It’s been a fantastic thing to look forward to as I trudge through papers and readings and my crazy schedule. Anyways, I gotta lose the weight so I can be healthy and in shape for my trip – I do NOT want to miss out on amazing experiences and sights because of my size or lack of stamina.

Anyways, as for weigh in. I gained .8 of  a pound. I don’t want to get into it, because I’m frustrated and sick of talking about it. I had a small slip up on Sunday with mexican food, and that’s probably what got me into trouble this week. I’m going to try even harder, and put in 100% instead of 95%. I’m re-joining my gym this weekend just so I officially have NO excuses. I can do this!

Here’s a nice little visual for myself as I deal with this constant yo-yoing…

Source: via Katie on Pinterest

Anyways – tell me – what’s one of your fantasy vacations? Why?