New Week, New News!

Hi Everybody, Hope you had a great weekend! While my weekend was kind of an unproductive bummer because I had a cold that kept me pretty much incapacitated, I do have a couple exciting bits o’ news to share with you. 🙂

The first is that I am now a Sweat Pink Ambassador! In the past few months my focus has really changed from weight loss to fitness, and being accepted into this group is AWESOME for my new goals of being fit and in shape – the weight loss will follow suit!


What this means is that I’m joining a community that’s over 800 fitness oriented women bloggers who are all about educating the world that strong is the new skinny – meaning you don’t have to be a stick, you just have to be healthy! Part of the sweat pink lifestyle is making fitness fun – which is why I’m scoring these awesome neon pink shoelaces to send to you! If you want a pair (Free), leave me a comment. All I ask if that if I send you a pair, you tweet, Facebook or instagram a post of yourself wearing them so I can share our Sweat Pink message. Yay!


Borrowed from fellow SPA

The second is that I’m now helping with social media at the totally delicious and super fun Lenny and Larry’s! They make “muscle brownies” which are protein brownies, and complete cookies, which are vegan cookies. They’re all about delicious snacks with NO JUNK. This company really jives with my philosophy about life- having fun, eating yummy things, but always with a focus on health! I am continuing to work part-time with my current job, and I’m thrilled to be making a living in social media and blogging which I love, love, love. Check out Lenny and Larry’s on twitter here and Facebook here – and stay tuned for a new giveaway so I can have you try out some of their products. Their lemon poppy seed complete cookie is vegan and has 15 grams of protein and is OFF THE HOOK.


Lastly, the Double Chin Diary DietBet has ended!! CONGRATULATIONS to everybody who lost their 4%. Sadly, I was a couple pounds away from meeting my 4%, but I feel proud about what I did manage to lose. I’m not sure if April made it – will check in with her shortly. However, we will be hosting another DietBet in a few months, but in the meantime, I’m super proud of everybody who participated. Even if you didn’t “win”, you made strides towards a more healthful you, and that’s something to brag about.Now I am starting my “no weigh” month where I completely focus on fitness and nutrition, and measurements. I’ll have more info about that for you shortly.

Well Chinners, that’s all I’ve got for now! I hope you have an amazing week!
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