Weight Watchers Recap, Week 1

Hey everybody! Tomorrow is my first weigh-in on Weight Watchers… and I’m here to report back on the week, so that tomorrow I can’t get a number and scratch my head in surprise. I have NO CLUE how it’s going to go. Here’s why: I tracked EVERYTHING I ate, from the handfuls of different marinated olives from Whole Foods to the five licks of orange cake batter to the Salami sandwich my boss brought me for lunch. (My boss just showed up today with a sandwich for my officemate and I – no rhyme or reason- isn’t that nice?! Matt also brought me home a beautiful mum plant last night after a rough day. I <3 thoughtful people.)

Salami, Mortadella and Capacolo Sandwich

So I tracked all week. That’s great, right? Weight Watchers is all about tracking. The reason why I don’t know this is going to go was that on Saturday I was at a memorial party for Matt’s grandfather, and I ate a 5-course Italian lunch – complete with chicken parmesan, antipasti, wine, bread and rigatoni. I tracked it all, but I’m worried that with restaurant tracking, you never know how accurate you’re really tracking. I earned several activity points throughout the week from exercise, but I used all of those and my weekly “flex” points (kind of like extra credit, for those not familiar with WW).

Orange Zest cake, made with greek yogurt!

Regardless of what the scale shows, I have a few “key learnings”, as we like to say in Marketing land.

1) Eating a small, low-point breakfast like greek yogurt and a piece of fruit is perfect to get me through to lunch and doesn’t destroy my points.

2) Eatings lots of fruit keeps me full and satisfied, and if it’s something super yummy like pineapple, it feels like a treat. (FRUIT is ZERO points!)

3) Keeping check on my emotions is worth more than any diet pill could ever be. I had a stressful day yesterday, and my first impulse was to eat. And not eat daintily – I wanted to stuff my piehole full of carbs and go all Cookie Monster. But I took a few deep breaths, drank some water, and moved on. Moved on to life without Ben and Jerry. And I was fine, and now I feel good about moving past that urge.

So – even if tomorrow isn’t very impressive, or worse, slightly disappointing, it was a thoughtful, conscientious week for me in terms of eating, tracking and Weight Watchers. This week is all about focusing on the positive – an activity that I like to do on a daily basis!

How was your week in terms of eating healthy?

2012 Goals

I’ve always been fairly ambitious, so my new year lists are always kind of huge. Even though I love new year’s resolutions, I’m a firm believer that you can change or improve something ANY TIME… so we shouldn’t wait until a new year to start livin’ the dream. These aren’t all “Resolutions”, but rather, goals and challenges for bettering myself. Happy New Year – and thanks for being a reader of the Double Chin Diary! 🙂

1)  Lose the rest of my unwanted weight (currently around 37 pounds) to get to my first “on my way to healthy body” goal.

Healthy eats and water and exercise will help me shed that weight!


2)  Drink more water.

3)  Practice the art of mindfulness, especially when I’m stressed out. This means taking time to relax, taking time to calm down, and taking time to prioritize.

Relaxing at Lake Sonoma this summer with a hidden hard cider.

4)  Finish or get damn near finishing my master’s degree.

5)  Take more time to paint, play instruments or garden. I need a creative outlet other than writing and cooking – because when you write full-time, it can sometimes seem like a chore (even though I love it), and when you cook all the time and have a fairly unhealthy love and obsession with food, that can be risky too.

Our 2010 Garden

6)  Book a trip to either Africa or Thailand.

7)  Build AlyssaCurran.com .

8)  Continue blogging at doublechindiary.com .

9)  Get my bumblebee and hydrangea tattoo!

Our wedding cake - decorated with hydrangea 🙂

10)                  Learn how to make Thom Ka Ga… Chicken Coconut Soup. I can never get it just right, and this year, I’m gonna rock it in all of its coconutty, limey glory.

11)                  Continue speaking up and standing up for myself. I learned a lot in 2010 about being comfortable with the person I am, and learning how to be confident in my ideas and ambitions in two professional environments – work and grad school.

12)  Keep smiling, keep working hard, keep laughing, keep loving, keep learning. A sense of humor and a healthy dose of inspiration will get me through ANYTHING.

Learning a lot with a queen of content, Sonia Simone of Copyblogger, at BlogWorld 2011.

13)  Stay grateful. Not a day goes by that I’m not thankful for the roof over my head, my awesome family, my handsome hubby, my kick-ass friends and my job. It’s so easy to let stress get to you, but the reality is, I’ve got a lot to be thankful for.

Thankful to be living life.

14)   Go to Malibu beach at least once in the summer. (I didn’t do it this year! The horrors!)

15)  Keep paying off my credit card debt! I’ve slashed it over half and am looking forward to putting that debt to bed.

What are your goals or resolutions?

How’d I do on my 2011 resolutions?

Hi everybody! HAPPY NEW YEAR! Let’s see how I did on 2011’s resolutions. The red text are my comments now. Check back tomorrow night to read about 2012’s goals and resolutions!

  1. Lose weight. 30 pounds would be great, but in general, to be a healthier, happier me with less “fluffiness”. I definitely did lose weight – about 15 pounds, give or take a few depending on the day. Not quite 30, but this is a solid yup, it happened, kind of. Yay! 
  2. Get in shape.  This is another one that’s sort of “half way” true. I don’t really feel in shape now, so I’m going to say I need to keep this up. My fitness level has definitely improved, but I could still be a lot less lazy. 

    I hate push ups.

  3. Blog regularly.  I owned this one! Save for a few weeks when it was finals time, I think I rocked at keeping DCD pretty updated.
  4. Pay off my credit card debt. I definitely kicked debt’s ass! I’m not debt free, but well on my way. 
  5. Continue working hard in grad school.  My cumulative GPA is 3.8 🙂

    Beautiful grad school friends keep me sane!

  6. Learn to make TOM KHA GAI. (Chicken Coconut Soup). Haha. Nope. And it’s funny because this is on my resolution list next year.
  7. Worry less.Well… this didn’t really happen. I did pretty good, until work got really, really stressful and school got really, really demanding. Still working on improving this year.
  8. Cut my hair.  I did! Definitely did! I’m growing it out now but my short curls were perfect for the summer!

    Short hair! Shortest it's ever been!

  9. See my family more. I did! I think we averaged at least six trips up there this year. Here’s a shot of the I-5 looking kind of pretty as proof. 
  10. Teach Leo not to sit on the counters or tabletops. Yeah. Didn’t happen. AT ALL. Ironic that I wrote that because I was just lecturing him (As if he understood, or cared) about how he shouldn’t carry bad habits over to the new year. Oh, Leo…

    Whatz? I r angel!

  11. Keep my car clean(ish). I’ve done very well at this! “Blueberry” remains clean and smelling of lavender. She’s become the go-to car for group lunches at work!

    Blueberry on her birthday last year!

    All in all, I’m happy with 2011. It wasn’t a bad year, and it wasn’t the best year, but it was a good year. There was some astronomical stress, but there were also some incredible times with family and friends. 2012 is going to be great – I can feel it!

Grad School Diet

  • Banana
  • Greek Yogurt
  • 2 hot dogs, no bun
  • 2 chicken soft tacos, 1 side salad
  • 5 pretzel sticks
  • 1 piece pecan pie


  • Naked Juice Mighty Mango Smoothie
  • Cheese burger, french fries
  • 1 Slimfast Shake
  • 1 bag of popchips

See above? That’s what I ate yesterday and today. I’m not proud about it, but it’s reality. It’s what working 9 hour days and then going to class for three hours will do to you. I’ve been averaging one large meal a day, and when I look at days like today, I’m not eating enough. Even a fatty fat bomb meal like a cheeseburger and fries is not enough… to sustain my body to get through a long, taxing day.

My body runs best on lean proteins, whole grains and fresh vegetables – and I bet yours does too. I have two more weeks of crazy stress coming – including one 40-poem, 20-page poetry anthology to write, and one 20-page theory on Mass Communication theory in regards to the Tunisian uprising. Then, I will have a glorious month off, in which I will get back to the gym, cook yummy meals, blog more, practice relaxing, and spend time with my sweet husband who is often a grad school widow.

My dinner tonight. Sigh!

I need to find a way to incorporate healthy eating into my busy day to day life, wether it’s grabbing more fruit or stocking up on fiber-rich bars. My first priorities lately have been work and school and not my health, and that bothers me. I need to take care of me to do the best I can at both work and school. So for the next two weeks, I’ll work hard, but also work hard on taking care of me. And that means less Slim Fast and pop chips, and more veggies, water and gym time.

When you get crazy busy – what’s the first thing that suffers?

Post Vacation Weekly Weigh In

This morning after getting my butt kicked in kickboxing, I headed over to the scale. I wasn’t filled with dread, like I usually am, because lately I’ve been feeling… skinny. Maybe it’s because I heard four separate times from relatives on my vacation that I’d lost weight, or maybe it was because I ate Greek Yogurt for breakfast, and in my mind, Greek Yogurt is some magical weight loss elixir. Either way, I stepped on the scale with a kind of cautious optimism, curious about what a week of eating junk food, but only three times a day and in moderate portions, had done to me.

I'm fairly certain my heart stopped for 30 seconds after eating this, but DAMN, it was good.

*Drum roll*

Down. Down half of a pound. Italian beef, hot dogs, pizza, cookies, cheese curds, bratwurst, potato chips, popcorn, vanilla cream Dunkin Donut, twinkies. Down. No kickboxing, no yoga, no treadmill, no tracking. Down.

This has happened to me before. Is it the break from the daily stresses of my life – a busy job, graduate classes, homework? Is it the fact that I’m not eating when I think I “should” and was actually eating when I was hungry? Was it because I was so busy bouncing from Chicago to Minnesota back to Chicago and then all around the state that I wasn’t always eating? I don’t know. But in the future, if vacations could always go this way, I’d be pleased.

All the things I ate last week definitely made me feel like a pig – but the scale showed me this morning… that a pig I am not.

Divine Swine!

Have you ever been surprised by a weight LOSS when on vacation?

Pre-Vacation Weekly Weigh In

Hello! I weighed in yesterday at the gym… and I had a GIGANTIC loss of 2.2 pounds! I know some people can drop 8 or even 10 pounds in one weigh in – but 2.2 is a rather large loss for me. Think of two pounds of deli meat. That’s A LOT! I’ve now lost a total of 8 pounds, which feels great as I am SO close to that 10 pound mark – and once you start knocking off 10 pounds, the total goal doesn’t feel so bad.

It’s actually exciting for me too because I had set a personal goal to lose 10 pounds by the time I went to Chicago for my vacation – and I leave Tuesday. I didn’t make it to 10, but 8 is damn near.

Now – the way I lost this weight probably isn’t ideal – I’ve been pretty stressed out with how busy things have been – but the bottom line is, being obese is being obese and losing a few pounds from stress isn’t going to hurt me. (But the stress is – so I’m workin’ on that 😉 )

View of Chicago from the John Hancock Observatory on my last trip there!

I leave for my trip very soon, and I feel more inspired to go and not TOTALLY pig out. There will be pigging out, let’s be honest, but hopefully it won’t be so catastrophic that next time I check in I’ve put on all I lost. If I don’t chat with you before I go, have a wonderful week!

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