Buy the box weight loss

Even though I am currently “doing” Weight Watchers, it took me a while to get keen on  the idea of paying money to do a program that had already been determined for me before nothing was known of my own personal condition. But since I can’t resist a good deal and I knew I needed some sort of extra pressure to help me… I signed up.  As you guys saw with my last update, I have actually been having some success over the past few months.  Whether or not I could have done that on my own, who knows.  I do know that I counted points for like 2 weeks and the rest of the time I have just been eating my typical “earth food” that comes from the ground rather than a box.

I’ve got this issue with boxes with more than just avoiding food from them.  I also have a big issue with companies that try to fit their potential customers or current customers into a box.  Specially, weight loss plans.  Ever since I started gaining weight as a teenager, I’ve had suggestions of weight loss programs that I should do.  Slimfast.  Nutrisystem. Jenny Craig.  Weight Watchers.  Atkins.  Now, as an adult blogger, the suggestions come on even stronger.

The past few months on Weight Watchers has really confirmed my disliking of programs that are designed to place certain people in certain boxes.  For example, my daily point allowance for WW was based on my age, height, weight, and my suggested activity level.  The spectrum for everything is pretty broad though.  According to this handy blog by LaaLoosh, age groups are clumped within ten years and people who fall between 5’1 and 5’10 are clumped together as well.  So that means a 27 year old female who is 5’9″ and 200 pounds who is sedentary will have similar point values to a 37 year old female who is 5’2″ and 160 pounds and walks often.  I would like to believe it is balanced accordingly per person, but I just doubt the specific attention each member receives when determining what they should eat every day.

Weight Watchers gripes aside, my point is this:  I believe there is no program that works for everyone.  The weight loss industry in the United States is driven by one thing: money.  Our country feeds into this multi-billion dollar industry by quickly latching on to whatever they feel is going to be the easiest solution to their weight loss.  I know when I signed up for Weight Watchers, it was and is because I still feel like I need the weekly meetings in order to feel accountable for myself.  I had a feeling that I probably wouldn’t actually track points and  even without it, I have still been able to have success.  Whether or not it is because I’m enrolled in the program and going to the meetings, who knows.  I do feel more determined that ever to get this weight off so whatever it is that I’m doing, it is working.

However, I can not just go and say that Weight Watchers works for everyone.  I think the only sort of program I can really advocate for is one that a trained dietitian and nutritionist creates specifically for YOU.  Anyone that I have talked to about their successful weight loss has been on a journey that has consisted of what they have crafted together by what works best for their bodies.  There is no simple, by the box, weight loss program that works for everyone. The trick is just finding what works for YOU.

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Low-Carb Check In

I’m nearing day 3 of being off all sugar and breads/starches AND RUN FOR YOUR LIFE IF YOU HAVE BREAD BECAUSE I WILL HUNT YOU DOWN. No, actually, I’m good. I’m just all about the dramatic entry! I’m on day three and I feel good. No headaches, no weird cravings, no “flu” like symptoms – but I do feel satisfied! I’m one of those people that gets uncontrollable around carbohydrates. Put a basket of warm sourdough in front of me, and it’s gone. Even worse – put a basket of hot tortilla chips. I’ll be on my third basket before you know it. Give me a choice between a slice of chocolate cake or a slice of hot sourdough with butter – I’m all about the bread.

I've been eating a lot of eggs.

On my honeymoon, I was making random chitchat with a hippydippy lady in the hot tub (We’ll call her Crazy Hot Tub Lady) drinking wine out of a plastic hotel room cup. As she got more loose, she confessed that she was a “medical intuitive”. According to her, I needed to switch to sea salt (I did, for the hell of it), and I also needed to avoid Gluten, as it causes all of my weight gain and storage. She also said I’d have two kids and magically lose all of my weight after being pregnant… and that my first pregnancy would be rough, and that I’d end up teaching elementary-aged children. (Yep – All this after meeting for the first time in a resort hot tub)

Talking to Crazy Hot Tub Lady was made much easier by previous consumption of these.

Given that she wasn’t 1) A doctor 2) A nutritionist, I took this advice with a grain of (sea) salt (heh), but it did make me wonder some things. I always have had problems with carbohydrates – they set me off on a wild, bingey, uncontrollable feeling. Natural carbohydrates like fruit I’ve never had a problem with (but really – who gets fat from eating fruit? exactly.), but I need a BB Anonymous Meeting to keep me on track. (BB = Bread Binger) So yes. Me and carbs are like that married couple we all know, that really hates each other, but when they’re together, it hurts so good that they stay in it. Things like Weight Watchers didn’t work for me because I’d eat all my daily points in one serving of potato chips.

Day three – so far, so good. I am satisfied and I’m eating way less. What did I eat today? 2 eggs, a cup of edamame, a piece of cheese, one salad with grilled chicken, a sugar free jello, and some almonds. None of that is like “Ima stuff my face with bacon and lard for six days cuz its LOW CARB BABY! WHEEE”

Leafy Greens - YUM

I’m not getting on the scale until Friday, because I need to give my body some time to adjust. I’m also flexing induction a little bit by having natural carbs like almonds and carrots – but in very small amounts. I mainly just want to get off sugar, breads and starches – almonds and carrots aren’t going to be the ruin of me.

Have you ever gone low-carb – and if you have – flop or fantastic success?

New Noms, Day 1: Kale Chips

Hello bloggies! Hope you’re all enjoying a wonderful Sunday. I’m pooped from a crazy week, but looking forward to starting Phase 1 of the South Beach Diet tomorrow (Yeah, yeah, I know, spread all the controversy you like, but it works to get me back on track). I went to Costco today and loaded up on stuff like almonds, veggies, and cheese, and I’ll begin baking batches of my preferred foods tonight (like mini-fritatta for breakfast! yum!).

A few days ago a friend of mine sent me a recipe for Kale chips. I pretty much turned my nose up at it and thought, “Phooey – why would I eat baked spinach when I could eat CORN CHIPS?!”. As fate would have it, I was perusing the aisles of Whole Foods when I found myself drawn to bunches of bubbly, rough textured leaves that looked like Dinosaur food – and sure enough, it was called Lacinato Kale. I picked up a bundle for $2.49 and made the recipe today.

First, wash the leaves and then remove the ribs and stems.

I must really love you guys - No Make Up on the world wide web?!

The recipe says to tear into 3 inch pieces, but I’m a rebel and made them into strips. Then, toss with 1 tbsp olive oil and paprika. I deferred because sometimes Paprika tastes like cigarettes, so I sprinkled with 1 tsp Garlic Salt with Parsley.

Bumpy green kale, tossed with EVOO and Garlic Salt

Bake at 350 on a sprayed cookie sheet for 12-15 mins (mine took 20 minutes since my oven is lazy). The end result? Slightly charred, bubbly, brown leaves – that are YUMMY! They’re very light and have a surprisingly satisfying crunch. They’re not very flavorful, but the seasoning takes care of that.

The Finished Product

I’ll be a honest – I was a total skeptic, because usually, substituting baked veggies for something delicious (like corn chips or potato chips) is foul. (Ever heard of mashed cauliflower that *supposedly* tastes like mashed potatoes? It doesn’t. It’s freaking disgusting, and it will make you cry.)

For a new noms experiment, this wasn’t bad! Got any other funky recipe ideas for me? I’m all for trying new things… especially in the next few days when I’ll be salivating at the thought of bread. (But I can eat CHEEEEESE!)