9-Month Post VSG Surgery Update!

Well hello there, Double Chinners – it’s Alyssa, your size 1x 18/20 friend. Why am I so brazenly sharing my current size for all of the interwebz to see? WELL, because for several years now I’ve been embarrassed about my size because it was much BIGGER than that. But now, I’m edging into the mainstream sizes, and soon, a whole world of shopping awaits me as I will fit into the “normal” sizes. HOORAY!

How are things, 9 months later? Things are GOOD. Like, normal, except I can’t eat and drink at the same time, and my tummy can’t hold nearly as much as before. I have no weird side effects, and other than the hair loss that I KNEW to expect, I’ve been thrilled with life post-VSG. I admit that I usually do not measure my portions which is probably not ideal, but I am trying really hard to be mindful of when I’m full and what’s edging dangerously close to what a “normal” size tummy would hold. I admit, there is sometimes less restriction than I would like, as I have learned when I eat “No-No” foods like popcorn — so it’s up to me to control it and really limit those moments. Luckily, I get a slight little ache/twinge in my stomach when I’m at capacity, so that’s been helpful to remind me just because I CAN eat more, doesn’t mean I SHOULD. I will say, that’s something that people consider sleeve surgery should think about: it’s a TOOL, but it is not a cure. I still have to make a lot of effort to not cram my face with junk food, especially when I know it’s an emotional impulse rather than a true hunger.
I’m down approximately 80 pounds right now, which is freakin’ epic. I’m hoping to hit 100 pounds lost by my 1-year Sleeveiversary, or be hovering right around it. Right now, I’m re-setting myself by cutting out simple carbs and limiting sugar. I started to get back into eating some junk food when I was stressed recently, so now I am focusing on getting back to basics. Drinking enough water is still a struggle, so I’m trying to make sure I always have my water bottle filled up and at my desk. I recently started going back to therapy to make sure I’m eating with my best interests at heart and not just eating due to whatever emotion is flying through my head.
I can’t wait to see what happens next and what my next report consists of — until then, here’s some updated progress photos for you! 🙂