Alyssa’s Weight Watchers Weigh In: Week 1

Tuesday was a great day. Even though I had nervous anticipation all morning before I stepped on the scale on my lunch break, I felt confident with my choices from the week before. I drank a lot of water, I exercised nearly every day, I snacked on Persian cucumbers instead of chips, and I minded my portions. I knew even if for some reason the scale didn’t reflect my good work, possibly the next week would, because “you always get the week you deserve eventually.”

I kicked off my flip flops, climbed on the scale, sucked in my breath, and wished for good news. “You’re down this week!” the leader said, and when she showed me the number, I actually let out a little hoot of joy. Here’s what made me so happy:


YAY! 4.4 pounds is a big, big loss. I was also on the tail-end of completing the Mamavation Two-Week Bootcamp, so being forced to do burpees and arm curls and cardio helped, too. I’m so relieved that the first week of “Simple Start” worked. Basically, it’s a plan focused on lean proteins and dairys, whole grains, vegetables and limited fats. It’s pretty much a “Don’t Eat Crap” manifesto, though you can choose one crap item (junk food) per night, with suggestions being things like a Weight Watchers ice cream, a glass of wine, etc. My crap items were Weight Watchers Dulce de Leche ice cream bars (they’re okay. Kinda fake. Not my fav), oatmeal chocolate chip cookies I made, and one night, two squares of white Irish cheddar cheese. Deeeeeelish. This week, I need to be aggressive about staying “good” — sometimes when I have a strong success like this, I tend to think “Oh! I did so good last week that I can cheat a little bit and I’ll still lose weight!” Nope, not so much. Don’t wanna get over confident over here. However, I did realize this week this is the first time I’m trying a “real” weight-loss plan again now that I know what’s up my wacky body, and that’s exciting.
I was also thrilled this week to hear from three different people that it looked like I was losing weight. Those comments are so encouraging to me, because I see myself all day, every day. Hearing it from someone else is sometimes exactly what you need to remember why you’re choosing the salad over the pizza.

So that’s my awesome news for the week! Can’t wait to share with you next week about my next weigh in, and I can only hope it will be as good as this one, but I’ll be happy with any sort of loss. ūüôā¬† I’ll be back soon to tell you about my newest fitness gadget, the Fitbit Force!


Weight Watchers: Part 3

So. I made a big change this week. I took a leap of faith. I decided there was more than one way to skin a cat. (Isn’t that a creepy expression? So weird!) Remember how I tried Weight Watchers two separate times… and each time, I quit the program, frustrated and baffled at my lack of success? Some of you might even remember this post, “Weekly Weigh In #7, in which I want to bitchslap Weight Watchers in the face,” which is ironically, one of the top 10 most popular posts on this blog (Stay classy, Alyssa!). Those are some strong emotions. Some feelings I can’t deny I definitely had. Even recently, when people say they’ve had success with Weight Watchers, I feel a slight tug of “Well, I can’t lose weight with Weight Watchers, so that’s great for you and all, but I’m just gonna go eat peanut butter out of the jar while you track your points…”


But! As I am learning over and over again, sometimes, you need to approach something old in a new way. Fail might actually mean “First Attempt In Learning.” Sometimes, you need your sister to join Weight Watchers and have great success. Sometimes, you need to keep reading about your friend Mel’s awesome progress on the plan. Sometimes, you need your friend, who’s a lifetime Weight Watchers member, to re-join and offer to go to meetings with you. Sometimes, you work from home, and you like to go places on your lunch to keep your social skills intact. Sometimes, you get a really good deal in the mail for three months at a great price. Sometimes, you think, it’s time for a change. So I joined. I swallowed my passive-aggressive “Boo Weight Watchers” pride, and decided to give it a fair shake. I’m trying the Simple Start plan for the first two weeks, and I’ll admit, there’s no tracking, counting, or measuring, and there’s definitely part of me that’s thinking I’ll weigh in on Sunday and see a gain on the scale. But, I need to try, try, again. If anything, I’m excited to have one reliable scale to be consistent with.

So here’s what’s going to be *slightly* different about my attempt with Weight Watchers. I already know that with my body’s loveable quirks with PCOS and hypothyroid, that I need to be avoiding gluten, corn and sugar. Weight Watchers definitely allows you to eat those things. I’ll eat them occasionally, but for the most part, those things don’t belong in my daily diet. They make my stomach hurt, they make me bloat, and then worse, even after all those crummy feelings, they make me crave more. So adios, corn, gluten, and sugar. You’re being replaced with Kefir and fresh fruits and fresh veggies with organic sour cream. I can eat fat, in moderation. Fat is not the enemy, which sounds so weird to say, but with my diet, has been proven true. My body works more like a kerosene lamp than a rabbit… I thrive on fat. (And fat makes food so, so delicious. One silver lining of having a weird, wacky metabolism.)

So there you have it. Trying something new. Seeing what sticks. Have you ever begrudgingly decided to give something a second, or even third try in regards to your health? Tell me about it in the comments below — and have an amazing day.


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April and Weight Watchers

So it’s been a bit of time since I posted on here but I’ll spare you all of my excuses.

Regardless of how long it has been – I’m back!

And I’ve got a whole new exciting topic to start writing about – WEIGHT WATCHERS!

About a month ago, I wrote a post talking about how I was thinking about signing up.  I had never done any sort of diet program like that before and I was interested to see if I would be more successful. 

I was so happy when I heard from one of my friends, Laura, ¬†that she was thinking about doing it too! ¬†So we started chatting and agreed, AFTER the holidays, that we would start going to the meetings. ¬†Laura has done WW before so she was already “in the know” with the best meeting leaders available. ¬†Our first meeting was last Friday and I could see why Laura liked this particular leader. ¬†Her name is Adrienne and she’s got the energy of a three-year-old after their nap and I love it! ¬†I was surrounded by about thirty other women all in there for the same purpose – to get healthier! ¬†Adrienne pumped us full of faith in ourselves while talking about her own struggles with her weight. ¬†I’m excited for Friday to arrive because according to the scale, I’m already down 4.4 pounds! ¬†Water weight or whatever it is, it was nice to see a decrease of numbers.

Day One of Weight Watchers!

Day One of Weight Watchers!

Weight Watchers has a new program out called “Simple Start” with a fool-proof plan for two weeks to help newbies get started. ¬†With helpful pictures and easy to follow listed meal choices, it takes away the stress of planning your meals. ¬†I bought most of the food that was suggested but during the past three days that I’ve been doing it, I’ve made a few small modifications.

I don’t want to start eating a whole bunch of chemically made foods because WW suggests it. ¬†The program highly suggests eating things like non-fat cheese, light yogurt, and non-fat dressing but after staring at the ingredient list of these products at the grocery store, I decided I’d rather take the additional points and eat foods with ingredients I can pronounce.

One ingredient in many of these products is aspartame. ¬†I’m just not down with aspartame, as I’ve mentioned in a few posts. ¬†When I lost all my weight seven years ago, I never bought the low-fat or light options. ¬†Jamie, a previous weight loss mentor/nutritionist of mine, ¬†was very clear on her logic of weight-loss marketed foods. She would much rather me have me consume a normal yogurt with 120 calories than a light yogurt with just 80 because the nutritional contents of the actual food ingredients are MUCH better for our bodies than the empty aspartame calories of a light yogurt.

So I bought blue dressing dressing made with yogurt, rather than some weird modified oil. It has only 35 calories and costs me one point.  So worth it.

I also have bread that is 60 calories (or 2 points) per slice. ¬†And it’s not advertised as a “light bread.” ¬†It’s just a simple bread. ¬†And I’m not afraid to eat it.

Those two pieces of bread, a little homemade jam, and two eggs have started me off in a happy way the past few days. ¬† For my other meals, I had to get a bit more creative. ¬†Alyssa and I got to reconnect with one of our high school homegirls – Lisa – who happens to be super smart when it comes to losing weight and eating well since she’s dropped 130 pounds! ¬† After I discovered my whole wheat penne ate up like 15 points on my first day,¬†I tried out one of her suggestions to use shredded vegetables instead of pasta . To my surprise – IT WAS AWESOME! ¬†It was even more awesome when I told Alyssa how I had tried it – and she happened to try it that very same night for her first time! ¬†I just threw some broccoli slaw into a pot of boiling water with some broccoli I had started earlier, covered it with a ground turkey and tomato sauce I had made, and have had a deliciously healthy (and just 4 WW points) for the past two nights.

My typical day of meals

My typical day of meals

What kinds of little tricks have you learned to sneak vegetables into your day?



Have a lovely Tuesday,