Avoiding temptation – By April

“Your face does look thinner”,  my friend said to me as I adoringly took a bite out of garlic bread dressed to the nines in three cheeses and butter.  We were eating at Black Angus, a restaurant I had never once been to and went in with the logic that I would be able to get a salad and resist the free refills of liquid sugar.

I did start out the evening with good intentions.  My friend’s compliment even seemed to motivate me more to make a healthy choice, even though that motivation was quickly destroyed by it’s maniacal brother, Temptation.  After all, I had even ordered that damn cheesy bread because it was the least amount of calories on our choices of appetizer items! As I pondered about why the restaurant would throw on an extra 120 calories of Parmesan cheese on steamed broccoli, I realized that there is no way my brain was going to win the extreme battle that was going on with my stomach.  I ended up ordering a steak, salad, and mashed potatoes… plus ate half of the chocolate chip cookie and ice cream after it.

Stomach: 1    Brain:  0

That meal alone was around 1,700 calories, according to My Fitness Pal.  It would’ve been a lot worse if I didn’t eat the other half of salad and entree.  Either way, that’s a lot of exercise I’m going to have to do to make up for that meal if I want to see that magical number on the scale drop next week…

Because that’s what the scale did again for me this week! I lost another two pounds!

Disgracefully, I gained back two of those original pounds lost on the first week so really my official progress is 3.5 pounds since October 1st.  That’s just how my body is.  If I had a relationship status with my body on Facebook, it would surely be “It’s complicated.”

If I were to weigh myself tomorrow, I bet my meal boosted me up five pounds just because of the extreme bloating from the meal.  It doesn’t make sense considering I need to eat 3,500 to actually gain a pound but that’s just the cruel way my body work. My sister, Alyssa, knows all about this!  Our bodies just like to bounce up and down, week by week, slowly making the ground below us a little bit lower than before…

But knowing this does also just push me harder to make sure I make up for it!

Ladies, does your body weight bounce up and down drastically in within a day like my sister and mine?  I bet we’re not the only ones!

How do you handle when your brain is losing the battle with your stomach?!

Peace and Monkeys,


What I Ate Wednesday!

Hello everybody! Today I’m participating in the “What I ate Wednesday: Summer Staples” version. I’m traveling for work so my eating has been a little wacky -thankfully as I prepared for this post though I realized it hasn’t been too bad!

What I ate today!

I started the morning with my “Summer Staple” of yogurt. I’ve been obsessed with Greek yogurt for awhile, but since I’m back in the North bay, I treated myself to some organic Clover Stornetta cream top. Clover Stornetta is a local creamery from my hometown of Petaluma, so I always love to support their dairy when I’m in the area. It’s so tasty and that little bit of extra cream is super decadent and feels like a nice morning treat. I also had some English breakfast tea and a plum (not pictured).

One of the benefits of working for a techy company is free lunch! Today I ordered traditional curried chicken tenders with grilled vegetables over basmati rice. The flavors were amazing – simple yet exotic, and the little bit of spice was great for this cold I have that just won’t go away. (Any tips for me?! I’ve tried Emergen-C, sleep, dayquil, tea, honey and lemon, rain dancing…)

I had a cup of fresh mixed berries as a snack – perfect fuel for energy without being too heavy or sugar-dense.

I worked late and came back to my studio searching high and low for delivery since I was too lazy to walk anywhere (truth). I finally found a highly-rated Chinese place and ordered spicy green beans with chicken and vegetable chowmein. I was too stuffed to hack into the chow mein after my spicy green beans, but I did eat two fortune cookies with some Oolong tea.

It was a yummy day of food, and if there’s anything I can thank this cold for, it’s that my appetite is not its usual guns-a-blazing. I’m still eating plenty, but I’m focusing on the right portion sizes and trying to remember to balance out protein, vegetable and starch. High 5 for healthy eating while out of town! How’s your week going, food wise?


Weight Watchers Recap, Week 1

Hey everybody! Tomorrow is my first weigh-in on Weight Watchers… and I’m here to report back on the week, so that tomorrow I can’t get a number and scratch my head in surprise. I have NO CLUE how it’s going to go. Here’s why: I tracked EVERYTHING I ate, from the handfuls of different marinated olives from Whole Foods to the five licks of orange cake batter to the Salami sandwich my boss brought me for lunch. (My boss just showed up today with a sandwich for my officemate and I – no rhyme or reason- isn’t that nice?! Matt also brought me home a beautiful mum plant last night after a rough day. I <3 thoughtful people.)

Salami, Mortadella and Capacolo Sandwich

So I tracked all week. That’s great, right? Weight Watchers is all about tracking. The reason why I don’t know this is going to go was that on Saturday I was at a memorial party for Matt’s grandfather, and I ate a 5-course Italian lunch – complete with chicken parmesan, antipasti, wine, bread and rigatoni. I tracked it all, but I’m worried that with restaurant tracking, you never know how accurate you’re really tracking. I earned several activity points throughout the week from exercise, but I used all of those and my weekly “flex” points (kind of like extra credit, for those not familiar with WW).

Orange Zest cake, made with greek yogurt!

Regardless of what the scale shows, I have a few “key learnings”, as we like to say in Marketing land.

1) Eating a small, low-point breakfast like greek yogurt and a piece of fruit is perfect to get me through to lunch and doesn’t destroy my points.

2) Eatings lots of fruit keeps me full and satisfied, and if it’s something super yummy like pineapple, it feels like a treat. (FRUIT is ZERO points!)

3) Keeping check on my emotions is worth more than any diet pill could ever be. I had a stressful day yesterday, and my first impulse was to eat. And not eat daintily – I wanted to stuff my piehole full of carbs and go all Cookie Monster. But I took a few deep breaths, drank some water, and moved on. Moved on to life without Ben and Jerry. And I was fine, and now I feel good about moving past that urge.

So – even if tomorrow isn’t very impressive, or worse, slightly disappointing, it was a thoughtful, conscientious week for me in terms of eating, tracking and Weight Watchers. This week is all about focusing on the positive – an activity that I like to do on a daily basis!

How was your week in terms of eating healthy?