Stretchy Pants, and Remembering to Wear Jeans

Look down. What are you wearing today? Most of you are wearing slacks, or a skirt, or a dress, or Chinos, or khakis, or jeans. I used to wear jeans way more often. But lately? I wear a lot of stretchy pants.

“Sometimes, you wear stretchy pants.” Nacho Libre image from

Why do I wear so many stretchy pants? Because I work from home. And when you work from home, you wear your comfies, your cozies, the shirt with the unfortunate mustard stain right across the chest, or the pants with the hole that are just so darn comfortable. Because no one can see you! No video conferencing, no lunch meetings, no need to be dressed professionally — cuz gosh darnit, you do the best you can do when you’re at your most comfortable, right? Right! (It’s a miracle I brush my hair most days. And don’t even get me started on the days I put on makeup. I feel like a different person!)

I’ve worked from home before, and this time, I’m being cautious about my affinity for stretchy pants. Why? Because if you don’t occasionally remember to wear jeans, one day, you’ll be forced to go out into public, and you’ll put on your jeans — and they won’t fit. It starts slowly; a little more snug here, a little more fabric crease indentations in your skin there. You make a mental note to lay off the Nutella. But then next time you put them on, they barely button, and before you know it, you have a stack of 10 pairs of jeans that don’t fit, and a hamper full of stretchy pants. Jeans are an important barometer for maintaining your weight, especially a pricey pair that’s less likely to stretch out.

I knew I needed to start remembering to wear jeans when my allergist, whom I see weekly, remarked that it was nice to see me wear jeans. You know you have a problem when wearing jeans scores you a compliment. So now, I make a marked effort to wear jeans at least three times a week. Today, the navy blue star pajama pants won, and then even after my lunch break shower, I put on my Taffy Activewear Yoga Pants…but tomorrow, I will wear jeans.  Baby steps, people. Baby steps. Regardless of the ongoing challenge I now face with having to remember to wear jeans, all I can think is, I sure am lucky to have a dilemma like this. The possibility of tight jeans is way worth working from home. And so far, my jeans haven’t been tight. Thank goodness for small favors. (Maybe I should just kill two birds with one stone and buy myself a pair of pajama jeans. Hey, my birthday is in a month and a half…)

Do you have a certain clothing item that serves as your reminder for how you’re doing with eating well and exercising? What do you normally wear to work?