FitBloggin’ Swag Giveaway

One of the best perks of being a blogger, besides reading all of your lovely comments (Thank you for all those awesome, thoughtful comments on Friday! You guys are the berry berry best audience ever!), is scoring swag. Sometimes it’s a bummer when you get something you don’t like, and you have to tell the person who made it like, “Oh, I thought that sucked, so you probably DON’T want me to write about it…”, but usually, it’s awesome and super fun to try out new things.

Going to FitBloggin’ every year means you get a gigantic reebok gym bag packed to the gills with goodies. I couldn’t possibly score all those perks without sharing some of them with you! So lo and behold, my FitBloggin’ swag bag giveaway. You can win of two prize packs:


  • The Nutrilite giveaway – a green duffel bag packed with Nutrilite Perfect Pack AM & PM Supplements (This kit retails for $168!!!!), Body Key Raspberry appetite suppressant chews, a blender ball shaker cup, and Slimmetry vitamins.


Now – I haven’t tried all of these items, so if you don’t like them I apologize, but they’re FREE, so why not give ’em a try, eh? I was SO LUCKY at FitBloggin’ and not only won a Tiffany Key Necklace from Nutrilite, but a FREAKING KITCHEN SUITE from Amana!!! I scored a stainless steel refrigerator, microwave, dishwasher and stove/oven. It arrives on the 29th… perfect timing as my husband and I are looking to buy our first home! Yay! More on that later when I get pictures and such.

I’d like to take a moment to thank the sponsor of FitBloggin for providing all of these lovely goodies! As someone who works in brand marketing and social media, I know that stuff like this actually isn’t free for the company, but can be an amazing way to get your product out to the right set of people.

If you’d like to win one of the prizes, just leave a comment with which giveaway pack you prefer – either the FOODIE or the NUTRILITE. I’ll pick a winner next week! I’m sorry, US Only because it’s crazy expensive to ship out of the country. Good Luck!

PS: Congrats to LIZ for winning the Turkey Jerky Prize Pack from Perky Jerky! I will e-mail you soon with details!!!



Gettin’ Fit with CrossFit

Have you guys heard about Crossfit? I posted about it in my last blog and prior to this weekend, I thought it was a place where only the super athletic went to lift humvees, jump on giant boxes and discuss the newest trends in eating like a cave man. (Remember when I tried the Paleo diet? That didn’t work out so well for me, but then again, neither did anything and know we now it was my craycray hormones. Yay for lab tests!) However, FitBloggin’ did me a solid in that I finally mustered up the courage to try crossfit as I knew I’d be surrounded by crossfit pals like Steve, Alan, Martinus, Erin and Dre. I’m not gonna lie, I was slightly terrified about joining the crossfit cult, but I made it through my hazing and I may now officially be a crossfitter.

Nervous and excited for my first crossfit! Photo by Dre at

Nervous and excited for my first crossfit! Photo by Dre at

What happened in CrossFit surprised me, because we only did about 15 minutes of actual exercise with the warm up and actual workout. I know, weird, right?! We started off learning a little bit about how crossfit works from friendly Reebok Crossfit coaches. Crossfit is defined as constantly varied functional movement performed at a high intensity, which means that every time you see the acronym WOD it means workout of the day, and it will always be different. We started warming up with jumping jacks, and then we learned the various types of moves we’d be doing – sit ups, push ups and AIR SQUATS. Now, I can drop it like a squat with the best of ’em, ‘cuz having a big old ghetto booty works well for squat-pros like me. However, I had never done an air squat, and that’s basically where instead of squatting down half way, you kind of drop your butt cheeks all the way to the floor and squat way, way down, using your arms to propel you. HOLY QUADS. I must never work my quads because everytime I sat on the toilet after the class (TMI, but that’s how I roll), I wanted to immediately stand back up. Burning, burning quads! Thank you air squats for awakening muscles that have been sleeping for years.

Steve demonstrating a perfect air squat with Alyssa following behind. Photo thanks to Dre at

Steve demonstrating a perfect air squat with Alyssa following behind. Photo thanks to Dre at

After we learned the moves, we were ready for our WOD – just four minutes of 9 push ups, 7 sit ups and 5 squats. You basically go as fast as you can while focusing on form. I was feeling pretty good because despite my lack of weight loss, I can definitely feel that I’m more physically fit. I think I made it through about five full sets by the time our coach blew the whistle, and by then I had worked up a pretty killer sweat. I stood up, knees shaking, ready for the next part of the workout… and then the coach announced we were done. Whaaaat? The workout was high intensity which was great, but I’m not so sure a 4-minute workout is going to cut it for me. According to my polar I burned about 76 calories, which is great for four minutes, but not great considering my usual boxing or bootcamp torches between 450 to 600 on a good day. I’m trying to keep in mind that this was just an example class so it’s probably unlikely to always be only a four minute workout, but at the same time, cool – crossfit might be great for busier days when you don’t have a full hour to devote to working out.  I know Alan and I were both like “Four minutes?! I wanted more!” Change is possible, folks — the girl who dreaded parking at the edge of the grocery store lot is asking for more cardio. Amazing!

My four minute taste was enough to get me intrigued, so in a few weeks, I’m going to check out Golden State Crossfit with my local fitbloggin’ friend Paula. She lives only 15 minutes away from me! Until then, tell me — what have you heard about crossfit? Would you try it? If you have tried it, do you like it?



Thailand 20 Tuesday: Week 1 Results

Hello friends! Today marks the first week complete of my Thailand 20 Tuesday and I am happy to report I am starting the week right on track with a loss of two pounds!

McCormick Fiesta Citrus Salt Free Seasoning on Cucumbers

This week I made lots of changes that helped me be successful – like eating tons of veggies! For lunch one day, I paired my turkey sandwich with some fiesta style cucumber slices – just cucumbers, lime juice and McCormick Citrus Fiesta seasoning I got from FitBloggin’. Yum.

Then for dinner, I bulked up my meals again with yummy things like roasted peppers and brussels sprouts with a spritz of Balsamic vinegar. Of course, I tracked everything on MyFitnessPal, too.

Brussels sprouts on the stalk! Just mist with EVOO and balsamic vinegarette and roast at 400!

I also stayed true to my word of entering “beast mode” and exercising as much as I possibly could! Not only did I hit the gym, but I did things around the house like washing the cars, weeding and doing laundry.

Sweaty and pink from a great cardio workout!

A couple other small things I did: I started a new vitamin regimen (more on that later), I drank tons of water and tea and tried to cut out my beloved diet coke (Sad.), and I was mindful of being hungry when I ate – not just bored or looking for a fix.

All in all I’m thrilled that week one was a great start – and now it’s time to keep it up for week two! Yay!