Weekly Weigh In #9

FINALLY, a good weigh in! Today, I weighed in, expecting a gain, and I …

Lost 1 pound

This is kind of confusing because… in my frustration with last week’s gain, I kind of lost it on Saturday. I ate corned beef, butter cabbage, bread, cupcakes, and two cups of Bailey’s Irish Cream. I got back on track on Sunday, but I had just decided to say “Screw it” and eat what I wanted on Saturday. But, I did start exercising more, and also tracked really well otherwise. Weird, right?

Anyways. The important thing I want to talk about today is my “new plan”. I met with the CSUN Nutritionist Ellen, this week. In 2008, Ellen helped me drop 30 pounds, simply by telling me what kinds of food to eat and what to avoid. I printed out my daily trackers, and we revealed two interesting things: 1) I tend to rely on the frozen SmartOnes for lunches. The SmartOnes aren’t enough to satisfy my hunger, as evidenced by all the salty, snacky things that were racking up points during the day. 2) Even though I stayed within my 39 points a day, I was yo-yoing the same couple pounds, back and forth. Ellen did the math – and even at my reduced 39 points a day (I originally got 42), Weight Watchers was putting me at around consuming 2,400 calories a day!

This is a big deal, because, to lose one pound a week, I should be eating about 1,900 calories a day at my current weight and activity level. My nutritionist even said – in theory, Weight Watchers works for most people. The keyword is MOST. Apparently, I’m one of those lucky few that doesn’t fit into the one size fits all. She even said Weight Watchers is the best program around – and she recommends it all the time – but sometimes, the math just isn’t right for everybody. As such, I will now be counting calories, via my Fitness Pal, and trying to stay around 1,700 calories a day. I’ll finish out my current Weight Watchers program I paid for, which I think is a few more weeks, but I probably won’t be tracking. I might actually track AND count calories one week, just to see what the discrepancy truly is.

How do I feel about all of this? I feel relieved. For weeks now, I’ve been beating myself up, wondering what I was doing wrong, why I just couldn’t DO THIS as tons of people around me dropped the weight, enjoying their extra points each weekend as mine were taken away. It wasn’t all my fault. It was a computation error – a mathematical oops, a simple case of numbers not exactly making sense. Now that I know what’s going on, I have a new, alternative plan and a trusted mentor to get me through this.¬† I can do this – I will do this – I AM doing this!

Whew. So yeah. Finally, I have some answers.


Weekly Weigh In #1

*Trumpet fanfare* I had my first weigh-in yesterday… and it was successful! I lost two pounds! In my weight watchers experience past I usually have a more impressive loss the first week of the plan, but I definitely used all of my weekly flex points (those are kind of like a “free” pass for a ¬†little splurge or treat (but you still have to track ’em)) and ate well all week, including fatty fatbomb things like ice cream and garlic bread. (Curious what points are? They’re a numerical value assigned to food based on carbs, fat grams, protein and fiber. For example, an orange is 0 points, but a dinner roll is around 4 points.) (How many points you get to eat a day depends on your weight. This is one instance where being fat = win.)

The biggest struggle this week was remembering to chart what and when I ate. It’s not second nature for me yet to write down what I’ve just eaten, but thankfully, the iPhone app I’m using has little text reminders that pop up and remind me to log everything. Another challenge? Not having seconds. Sure, on the plan I can have seconds, but I think logging everything makes me realize the give and take or the trade off value of seconds versus say, having dessert later.

Today I stocked up on pre-portioned snacks, because I need a lot of grab n’ go options with my busy schedule. I picked up some Fiber-One 90 calorie brownies (2p+), natural fruit leathers (1p+) and some yummy instant iced tea flavors like mango acai. My challenge this week will be continuing to track and make good choices amongst the usual stress and chaos – I have a busy week coming up!

If you’ve ever started a “lifestyle change” or diet, what was your most impressive first week loss?