It’s beginning to look a lot like weight loss….

For added effect, sing along with the accompanying music, starting at 0:28

It’s beginning to look a lot like Weight Loss
Everywhere you go
Take a look in the women’s gym
Glistening once again
With beads of sweat and stretchy pants aglow

It’s beginning to look a lot like Weight Loss
Exercise on every night
But the prettiest sight to see
Is the skinny that will be
in your own pair of jeans.

A pair of riding boots and an assortment of tropical fruits
Is the wish of Alyssa and April
Friends that will talk and go for a walk
Is the hope of April and Alyssa
And blog readers can hardly wait
For this song to be over

It’s beginning to look a lot like Weight Loss
Everywhere you go
There’s a gap in Alyssa’s jeans
One in the mall as well
The kind that doesn’t sell XXL

It’s beginning to look a lot like Weight Loss
Soon the scale will show
And the thing that will make me sing
Is the chime that you ring
Right within my iPhone (when MyFitnessPal reminds me to log in)

It’s beginning to look a lot like Weight Loss
Soon the resolutions will start
And the goal that will make me think
Is the goal of every human being
(to lose weight)…right within your heart.

You guys. I noticed it this weekend. My jeans are LOOSE. FINALLY! The scale also shows that I’m now down about 12.8 pounds since all of my medical hoopla was sort of figured out. YAY! How is it possible to lose weight during the holiday season? Well, I’ve been running every night, doing yoga when I can, and generally trying to not cram my mouth with peppermint sweets, which is no easy task considering it’s Sugar Land around here. Just wanted to quickly share that I’m finally starting to SEE and FEEL some weight loss. YAY!


Here’s a snap of me from this weekend, in which I can see the tiniest little hourglass starting to re-emerge from its winter coat of adipose. It’s weird – sometimes you just FEEL like you weigh less. I’m totally being lazy about the scale too – checking in when I feel like it at the gym, and for the most part, relying on my clothes to tell me how I’m doing. It’s nice. I’m being much more chill about it, and I have to admit, not stressing about it might be helping. I’m just really trying to be conscientious of moving my booty and eating less, in addition to taking all my thyroid meds and supplements.

How are you guys doing on your health journey? Fill me in! And tell me… which holiday treat tempts you most? I may or may not have indulged in Candy Cane peeps this evening… but there’s only 170 calories for three, and each is dipped in dark chocolate. It was worth it. Even if my now loose jeans are snug again tomorrow.



Weekly Weigh In #6

*Sigh* Let’s get right to it. This week I

gained .8 of a pound

Sometimes, I feel like I’m living my life in Groundhog’s day, because for the past six weeks of Weight Watchers, I have consistently been losing one week, and then gaining the next. It’s a scene all too familiar and one I’m getting sick of repeating. Remember last week’s monumental weight loss? 2.8 pounds? Yeah, not so much today.

I really anticipated a small loss, at least. Nothing huge, but a little reward for the night I turned down a bowl of ice cream, or when I spent an hour and a half of my Sunday morning speed walking around the park. I was bitter today after my weigh in. I wondered aloud why I was doomed to a life of fatness. (Yes, I have a flair for the dramatic) It’s hard not to be frustrated when the third time I’ve tried Weight Watchers, I’m having similar results, a perpetual YoYo, constantly not constant. Is it me? Is it the program? Is it the sugary Peeps I ate (and tracked)? Is it bloating? Is it too little exercise?

I really want to say, “F you, Weight Watchers,” and go stuff my face with garlic bread, but I’m not going to. I’m paying for this damn plan, so I’m gonna make it work even if that means I can’t use my extra points or I have to cut out my liquid crack, my beloved Diet Pepsi. (C’mon – one can a day? How bad can it be?!)

So what do I need to do? Eat less. Move more. Use less extra points. Cut out the crap. Crap is crap even if I count it. Peeps aren’t good for the junk in my trunk, and neither are FiberOne Brownies. Crap is crap. But I give a crap. So next week, I’m losing weight, even if I have to strip naked on the scale to make it. I’m sick of having to write the same post every other week. It makes me not want to write to you. But I do, because I need to. It needs to change. It will change. I think I can, I think I can, I think I can. Send me some weight loss vibes, will ya?

My 13-point dinner tonight. Salad with beets and light ranch, turkey breast sandwich with sprouts, avocado and cheese on whole wheat with light cranberry juice.


Candy Crazy

We’ve been over my weakness before- crunchy, munchy salty deliciousness. I’ve never had a big sweet tooth. Will I turn down a slice of gooey chocolate cake if you put it in front of me? Of course not. But if you put a piece of cake next to a bowl of tortilla chips… I’m going for the chips! However, this week has marked a strange occurence in my craving habits. It’s been Easter time and I’ve been lusting for SUGAR!!!

Peeps? Oh, let me squish their delightfully spongey little bodies into my mouth, one at a time, rejoicing at the gritty, grainy texture of technicolor sugar and melty mallow. I prefer the bunnies, because you can bite their ears off one at a time, the outside just slightly firmer than their mushy belly. Lots of people hate peeps. But I love ’em. Cheap, colorful, festive and total sugar bombs – what’s not to love? I brought two packages to work and they were all gone within a few hours, proving that lots of people love these sandy little snacks.

Where my peeps at?

I also love me some reeses – and when “Reester” bunnies were marked down to $1.25 at Target, I just had to get them. I put them in freezer for the ultimate chilly-cool peanut butter experience… and then savor each bite with a frosty glass of milk. Mmmmm. But reeses and peeps don’t hold a candle to my ultimate candy crack: CADBURY EGGS. No, not these kind, these are Cadbury CREME eggs… (Yes – I do have these in my house. Yes, I am a bad weight loss blogger. Let me just change my title to “Weight Gain Blogger” this week).

I’m talking about Mini Cadbury Eggs – the original! The malty, hard candy coated pastel eggs dotted with delightful freckles and speckles, filled with creamy milk chocolate. The kind that you pop in the freezer and then pop in your mouth, rejoicing ┬áthe crackle of the candy shell on your teeth and then the creamy cool sensation of rich, milky cocoa. It’s amazing, and just one reason why Cadbury seriously rocks! Here you can see my current crack – and in true fiending manner, I’ve stashed ’em in a ziplock bag, just like a junkie would store their meth.

So there you have it – your carbo-crazy gal has gone coo-coo for candy! Anyways else experiencing the holiday candy craziness? What’s your fave? (Somebody say jelly beans!)