Bumpin’ while Bikin’: Third Trimester with my Pedego

Stuff the FTC makes me say: Pedego provided me a complementary bicycle in exchange for my coverage on the Double Chin Diary and social media as part of being a Pedego Electric Bike Ambassador. All opinions are my own.

Hello! I’m now officially in my third trimester (WOOHOO!), and I’m excited to check in today because I’ve been feeling a little bit better the last week. My stomach is still dicey and I’m still exhausted, but I’ve managed to take Cora the Pedego out for a few spins this week as we’re also finally get out of the 100 degree weather (today was a chilly 90. ha!). I had my first third trimester ultrasound today, and the doctor spent some time going over exercise and nutrition with me… and let me know that my active habits and food choices have paid off, because I have yet to gain a single pound this pregnancy! (Yes, for someone starting their pregnancy at my weight, this is 100% healthy and baby is growing right on track.)


I can definitely thank Pedego for that, because it’s been a simple way for me to get a little bit of activity when even feeling like taking a shower feels like a big event. In fact, today I rode the bike to my local CVS, and I was having so much fun using the throttle going down the street that I had to remind myself that ya know, I can still pedal and get some exercise. Haha! Just being honest. It was cool at CVS too, because a woman stopped me to ask about my bike and why it had “that big thing in the back”. It was neat to explain to her how it was electric, and she ended up writing down the name of the bikes in her phone, so you never know. As a marketing nerd, I think those real life opportunities to connect with people about something you really like is so cool. (And yes, as the disclosure states, I am an ambassador for Pedego, but that doesn’t mean I am forced to say it’s great or anything like that. Sorry, but who wouldn’t like a beachy bike that zips around?!)


This week also marked a new occasion because my bike had a “guest star”. Matt wanted to grab a burrito from the local taco truck one night, so he took my bike. I can tell he was having fun because of all the selfies I got. What did he think about his late night spin? “It’s fun to ride a bike, but it’s a completely different experience being able to hit the throttle,” he said. Oh yeah. I know what he means! There’s that word again… fun. Pedego’s tagline is even “Hello Fun!”.

The above picture Matt took and it’s hard to see because it’s at night, but it’s him and his reflection in the rear view mirror on the handle bars. I liked it, pretty avante garde!

In other biking news, if you’re in LA County, check out these free bike safety classes. You even get a free helmet for attending. I’m bummed because of course the weekends it’s in my hometown, I’m out of town, but hopefully someone else can benefit. Big thanks to Linda at Pedego 101 for letting me know about this!

I’m hoping to get out and ride more the next few weeks, which will be interesting as the bump doubles in size the next few weeks. Bumpin’ while bikin’… a whole new experience. I hope you have a beautiful day!

Hair in your food: The Ultimate Appetite Killer

As someone who could be described as a “robust eater”, or someone with a big appetite, I find that there’s only a few things that can kill my appetite. Obviously, the stomach flu or food poisoning will make me not want to chow, but even then, I usually have that wistful sense of “Oh, I wish I could eat!” Sometimes if I’m really stressed my appetite dips down a bit, but it’s fair to say I’m usually game to throw down on a delicious feast. On Saturday night I had a lady date with my friend Suzie. We decided to grab a quick bite to eat before we saw The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. The theater was right next to a Chili’s, so we headed in to the packed restaurant, where we waited a solid 20 minutes for our table. Once we got our table, we each had a couple bites of Southwestern Mac & Cheese, which wasn’t bad, but nothing to blog about. I ended up ordering boneless buffalo wings, because I wanted to stay relatively low carb, and had a hankering for something spicy. Suzie ordered the Quesadilla Explosion Salad.

I was trying to be optimistic about my meal, but for some reason, the screaming child the next booth over and the super loud football game had me hoping we’d at least just get a decent meal. It was a Chili’s, so I wasn’t expecting amazing, just something to tide us over. Unfortunately, my wings came out luke warm, and after a first bite, I could tell they’d been sitting under a heat lamp for awhile. My iced tea was also “old” tasting — a difficult feat for a beverage that’s literally a gallon of water and a few tea bags. I tried to brush it off, but the piece de resistance was seeing poor Suzie’s face, mid-bite, as she pulled a long, stringy hair out of her mouth. I almost gagged just from typing that. Having worked in food services before, I know that stuff happens, and it happens all. the. time. But holy cow. Is there anything worse than finding a hair in your food? I’m of the disgusting mindset that maybe even a bug is better, because at least a bug is like… I don’t know, natural?! I guess hair is natural too, though…The grossest thing I ever found in my food was a caterpillar, nestled among my pico de gallo like a little squirmy piece of green pepper. Ick. Forgive me while I retch.

Little dudes are way cuter when they’re not in your salsa.

To the staff’s credit, they immediately brought out a replacement, but at that point, the damage was done and neither of us could stomach the thought of anything else being in or around our mouths. And no, it wasn’t Suzie’s hair – as the texture, length and color was completely different than her own. (And mine). They took it off the bill, but we left feeling grossed out, discouraged and very UN-hungry. So it had me thinking — maybe I need to invent the hair diet. Wherein you eat way, way less because you think about hair in everything you eat. Barf.

I know I’m not the only one out there that thinks finding a hair is a HAIR-RAISING experience. Has it happened to you? If not, you are very, very lucky.

PPS: Be glad I didn’t include an image in this post. Even just googling “Hair in food” has made me pretty much decide I won’t be hungry ever again.

Crash n’ Burn: Navigating Highs and Lows of PCOS Insulin Resistance

All last week, I did a commendable job staying on my low-carb eating plan. My lunches were things like turkey breast, string cheese and crunchy persian cucumbers. I had raspberries with a drizzle of cream for dessert. I stuck to perrier and water (ok, fine, the occasional Diet Coke) and even managed to stay away from the yummy cookies at work. I could feel this eating plan working. Slowly, the “wheat belly” that I so often have, de-puffed, and I could feel my jeans getting a little looser. I was feelin’ good. Then, I got busy. Really busy. Busy enough that I didn’t notice yesterday that I had only eaten two egg whites, some chorizo, and a few persian cucumbers. It was 6:00 pm, but I knew I was heading to a party where I could eat there, so I held out on eating. I felt kind of shaky, but knew I was just hungry. I got to the party and there weren’t many low-carb options, so I had tortilla chips, a piece of chocolate cake, a few chocolate raspberry sticks. Towards the end of the party, my stomach started doing that rumbling that only makes you think “Uh-oh… I need to go home!”. Sure enough, I got home and immediately regretted my lack of planning. Not fun. But I forgave myself, went to sleep and moved on, knowing that tomorrow would be a new day to plan better.

Lofthouse Sugar Cookies — Image from TriadCouponing.com

You’d think I’d learn after all that. But apparently I didn’t, because I started my day today with scrambled eggs and bacon. A few hours passed. I kept working on freelance projects. I didn’t eat. We stopped to go to an open house, and there they were, on the table: my crack. Other than movie theater popcorn, there’s something about these disgusting, fake, sugar-y cookies that rocks my world. Before I knew what was doing, my hand was wrapped around one, and the first powdery bite was in my mouth. Mmmm. mmmm. nom nom nom. The house wasn’t a good fit for us, but that cookie felt like a sugar vacation. The texture alone was carb-tastic, enough to rock my world into a hypoglycemic rush of sugar and glucose. I felt fine, as we made the not so smart decision to get frozen yogurt. We got frozen yogurt; my favorite, coconut yogurt with dark chocolate chips. I made it through half when I started getting the heebie-jeebies. I felt nauseous, tired, warm and just GROSS. It took me a little while to figure out what was going on. I was crashing. My body has adjusted in the past week to being a lean, mean fat burning machine. Very few carbs have passed my lips. All of a sudden I went from practically carb-free to carb-overload. I can’t do this to my body anymore. I need to plan. I need to focus on being prepared for the weekends, when all bets are off, when sometimes, yep, I sleep till 11 AM and skip breakfast. My how the times have changed, when weekends used to be binge-fests. Now I’m not eating enough, and not often enough.

I think this year has been an interesting one in terms of learning why my body does what it does. A large part of that is realizing and recognizing that I have insulin resistance, a happy little side effect of PCOS. There’s a reason my doc put me on metformin; to help me process sugar the way a normal person would. If I’m eating a low carb diet, my body doesn’t have to deal with the huge blood sugar highs and lows that my usual diet causes. Now, I keep the blood sugars happily in the middle with a low or reduced carb plan. By eating the party food and cookie, I basically shocked my system. It wasn’t fun. This week, I need to take better care of myself. My deadlines and projects will only be excellent if the person working on them is also feeling excellent. Who’da thunk that a few little carbs could so drastically affect my blood sugar balance? Beyond sugar and carbs affecting the way I feel, I need to be more mindful of this, as my insulin resistance puts me on the fast track towards diabetes. While my fasting blood sugar tests are all still great, as I’ve seen this year, my body is a fickle, delicate little (or not so little) thing. I need to take better care of myself by taking better care of my food.

Do you find that when you eat really sugary things, you get either a “crash”, or feelings of hyperness? Which is it? I think I can now confirm I’m definitely the “Crash n’ burn” type of gal!


Results of my 10 Day Liver Detox

Well folks, I did it. Ten whole days of disgusting medical shakes four times a day and swallowing giant horse pills of pond-scum colored powder. Ten days of squeaky clean eating, including three days of eating ONLY cruciferous vegetables, beans and pears. Ten days of no exercise, which I actually missed. Ten days without MEAT! Ten days without CHOCOLATE! And even worse… Ten days without POPCORN!

I survived. I’m proud to say I didn’t cheat once, except for the time I added three frozen strawberries to the medical shake because I was literally sitting at the table near tears because I was so DONE with everything I had to eat. At that moment I remembered the little tow-headed girl who was forced to sit at her grandparent’s table because she wouldn’t finish her tuna casserole. I sat at the table for nearly an hour, crying because I didn’t like the fish taste and I had to eat it before I went to bed. (Note to self: Horrible lesson about food to teach your child. I get the whole not wanting to waste things mentality, but if your kid is crying because they hate something so much.. let it go.) In present day, my husband was a champ and talked me through it, but it took some MAJOR coaxing to get me to swallow that shake. Blech. So anyways, the strawberries helped mask the yicky fake sweetness. That’s hardly cheating, either… Three frozen strawberries is better than a binge at Panda Express, so I’ll take it. This detox was hard in a lot of ways, but it gave me some really good insight in to certain things. I had my blood re-tested today and should get the results by Wednesday or Thursday. I’d appreciate you all thinking clean liver thoughts, as I am admittedly a little bit nervous. I just want everything to be okay. Really, isn’t that all we ever want?

My final detox meal - spaghetti squash with heirloom tomato marinara. This was soo good!

My final detox meal – spaghetti squash with heirloom tomato marinara. This was soo good!

  • I always thought I’d be fine as a vegetarian, but this detox proved to me that I do actually crave meat. By day five, I would have traded my lucky socks for a chicken breast! My body was craving protein, and beans weren’t cutting it. Well, beans were cutting something, but it wasn’t hunger. Cutting the cheese, perhaps.
  • There are 5,000,000 ways to prepare vegetables, but after eating pretty much only vegetables for seven days, I’m sick of them. By day nine I was avoiding eating entirely because I was so sick of brussels sprouts, cauliflower and apples. I had to force myself to keep eating which is as rare as a unicorn for a foodie like me.
  • Eating squeaky clean does do amazing things to your taste buds. By the fourth or fifth day, I felt like flavors were so much more robust. Cinnamon was like a natural sugar bomb and black beans had such an amazing, earthy taste.

I was hoping after the detox I’d feel amazing, with incredible energy, no gray hairs, nary a zit on my face and a weight loss of 100 pounds. Well, I have no idea if I lost any weight at all because my scale conveniently crapped out the fourth day into the detox. I need to go buy a new one, but I’m hoping I lost some weight. As for feeling good, actually, I’ve felt pretty crummy the last four days. Tired, run-down, a little bit nauseous and head-achey. I’m trying to tell myself those are all actually good signs, that maybe my body is just hurting because all of the toxins are purging, but it’s tough to be positive when all you want to do is lay in your bed and whine about how crummy you feel. In addition, my husband is sick and a bunch of my co-workers are sick, so it’s possibly I’m either fighting off a cold or coming down with one.

The first piece of meat I've had in ten days. The angels sang!

The first piece of meat I’ve had in ten days. The angels sang!

I won’t have true “results” of the detox until my bloodwork comes back and I can weigh in, but in the mean time, I’m grateful to have had the experience, but I’m not gonna lie, I’m happy to be back to semi-normal eating. I’m going to try eating clean, but just being able to incorporate a larger variety of choices is amazing! In the end, I’m proud that I stuck to the plan like a champ and that I was able to follow doctor’s orders. It may not have been the most pleasant plan in the world, but I’m fortunate to have been able to follow the plan in its completion. But… I’m happy that it’s over 😉

What’s the latest tough love thing you’ve had to do that maybe wasn’t the most pleasant, but you did it and have come out better because of it?