A Friday check-in for April

Hello, blogging world!  It has been an exciting past week and I’m happy to announce that I lost 3.2 pounds!  I was quite proud of myself as I stepped on the scale this morning at Weight Watchers and saw that I was back on the road of losing, rather than the past two weeks when I was creeping up.  I finally shed my birthday weight!  Haha!

I spent last weekend on an impromptu trip to the incredible Yosemite and Mono Lake.  Even though I’ve been a nature lover my whole life, this was only my first time in one of the United State’s many gorgeous national parks.  My spectacular adventure pal, his schnugglific dog, and I basically “camped” in my car for Friday night, ten thousand feet up beneath a snow covered Mt. Dana.  It was just 28 degrees so while I was actually pretty warm in my car, the lack of sleep made it very motivating for me to try to act ultra healthy after I returned from the trip.  My body needed it.

6am beneath Mt. Dana in Yosemite, California

This week I was able to integrate more salads into my day and by keenly preparing all my lettuce earlier in the week, it made it easy not to make an excuse not to eat it.  I started to work my hula hoop back into my nightly routine and am spicing it up by using my hand weights at the same time.  I use the timer on my phone because it makes it easy to build up the time I spend hooping and fluttering my arms like a baby bird trying to fly.  With that, more walking, more hiking, and a combination of some yoga and Pilates moves, my body is starting to feel much stronger.  Especially my core. 🙂

A rejuvenated April at Mono Lake

I have a nice rush of confidence after the past week.  Yosemite was great, the gorgeous views, fresh air, and seeing a BEAR made it easy to enter into the week with a rejuvenated energy.  I had a job interview on Monday to be a summer camp assistant for a Humane Society here, combining my love of working with kids with my love of science and animals.  I am SO STOKED because right after my positive weigh-in experience, I came outside to see that I had been chosen for the job!

So with a new job, a lighter weight, and awesome visual memories of a bear, I’m ready to continue on my path of awesomeness… AND I managed to get up to $95 in donations for my breast cancer walk!  I still have a long journey ahead of me but with all this confidence, I know that I’ll achieve my goals.  🙂

Thanks for the support everyone and I hope you all have a weekend full of new visions for you to focus on!

Help me reach my goal for the Susan G. Komen 3-Day




Now boarding: The Wagon

It’s been a while since I first gave up my seat on “THE WAGON.”  I was a happy passenger reaching all sorts of highlights with my weight loss/fitness ride but once I got to Europe, I gave up my seat and jumped right off  in exchange for the power of my two feet.  It seems like that stop would be a great place to get off the wagon but I came up with the logic that I needed Red Bull to survive the miles I was walking every day. Maybe I did need that extra sugar and caffeine in some way – but it also gave me a deep addiction to that liquid gold.  Since I got back nearly two months ago,  I’ve been coming up with all sorts of excuses of why I should avoid getting back on as if the wagon was as dirty and dramatic as a Halloween hay ride. Between the issues with my health and an overall lazy outlook on exercise, I’ve been lounging back and “healing” while filling my free time between work, classes, homework and socialization with my latest obsession. a scrap booking project,  called Project Life.  I just haven’t been burning the calories like I need to.

April is picking up that hula hooping again!

April is picking up that hula hooping again!

Last Monday,  in the form of vegetables,  I bought my ticket to get back on the wagon. I began taking my Whole Foods 2-week Detox kit again in combination with the Erba Vita supplements I’ve been taking for the past few weeks.  I promised myself that I would do two different 30 day challenges, one in the form of planks and the other with wall-sits.  I’ve progressed pretty nicely as I made it up to a 2:00 plank and a 3:45 wall-sit.  I need to get to 5 minutes for both of them in the next twenty days, I hope I can do it!  I did FINALLY play some tennis last week and will hopefully be committing to at least once a week, hopefully more as I find more people who are down to play. I’ve also picked up the habit of doing my 5-pound weighted hula hoop after my plank and wall-sit, soon I’ll be back up to my ten minutes a day. You have to ease into it or else you can get all sorts of beat up!  I did six minutes tonight and have found entertainment by updating myfitnesspal app I just downloaded on my phone.  Maybe that will encourage me to start actually logging in every day…

Even more exciting, I managed to lose 5.2 pounds from Monday to Monday.  If I can still lose weight this week, I’ll be doing good.  Honestly, I’m still hooked on the liquid sugar so cutting that out would help me save about 1,120 calories a week.  I should invest in one of those instant tea kettles and just start making tons of tea because I crave something to drink besides water ALL THE TIME.  I swear giving up sugar is harder than giving up cigarettes!  I smoked for five years in my days of being a young raver, quit, and haven’t had a single drag since 2007. I know I’ll never be able to go five years without ever having some sort of sugar!  And why would I want to?!  It’s delicious.


How do you all cure your desires for sugars or salts?  I know Alyssa is more of a salt feign where I’ll take sugar ANY MOMENT.  Any awesome low-sugar/low-fat recipes you want to share?

Thanks for reading!



April’s One Month Check-In!

Hello readers!

It was just over a month ago that I decided to give up double decker tacos to become a double chinner instead.  The motivation that I have gained from writing on my sister Alyssa’s blog has provided me with much success that I am pleased to share with you all today!

Since my first weigh-in on October 1st, I am down 6 pounds after five weeks of jumping up and down a pound or two.  This week was the first time I lost weight consecutively two weeks in a row as well!

I tried to exercise more by going for a walk/run along side a wetland close to where I work.  I also went on an intense hike yesterday in my Natural Resources class that left me embarrassingly pink and longing for a pony tail holder that I had forgotten in the car. With the addition of my hula hooping, my waist has been whittling away like the faith of my fellow Californians in knowing if GMO’s are in our food or not.

Speaking of hula hooping, I’ve got the results of my Hula Hoop Challenge!  I originally measured in with a 45″ inch waist but when I measured myself a few days later for Myfitnesspal.com I measured at 44 inches.  I should start measuring by the mole on my stomach or something because it’s hard to keep track of where exactly it was that I measured!

But either way, my newest measurement was only 41.5″!!!  That’s a 2 1/2 inch loss off my waist in five weeks!!!   I feel like I was really bloated a month ago with my summer habits and now that I’m back on a healthier way of life, getting the inches off my waist was rather easy since I’m no longer feeling so fluffy.

I did not successfully do my Acu-Hoop for ten minutes a day for every day of the month like I planned.  I averaged about five times a week for two reasons.   One was that there were days when sitting down and being lazy seemed better than standing for ten minutes shaking my hips with the dogs barking at me.  The better excuse that prevented me from hula hooping is that I WAS SORE!  I was getting these horrible pulled muscle feelings at times when I would stand up or sit down and after two weeks of thinking something was wrong with me, I realized it was probably because I was overexerting my abs.  So I cut back and now the pain isn’t happening as much.  Plus I decided I should only do seven or eight minutes at a time instead because after eight minutesis when it really starts to hurt.

When I lost the nine inches years before, I was using a three-pound hoop.  I somewhat regret buying the five pound hoop because it seems for every day use, it seems to be too much weight.  Maybe once I am super fit that hoop won’t have such an effect on me but for now, getting through ten minutes every day is rough!

So if you’re thinking about getting one of hoops, don’t necessarily pay attention to the pound suggestion the website has for which size you should get!

But enough with these words, here are my progress photos!

Lots of love,

April’s Hula Hoop Challenge

Hello double chinners!

I am bursting with excitement for joining along with my sister, Alyssa, on this blogging journey through weight loss!  I have decided to challenge myself further by doing a “Hula Hoop 30-Day Challenge”.  Back when I was losing my big chunk of weight I invested in my most precious exercise tool yet – The Acu Hoop!  The Acu Hoop is a three to five pound hula hoop that advertises itself as an easy and fun way to lose inches off the waist with a mere ten minutes a day.

The Acu Hoop


I discovered it while working at the gym and lost nine inches off my waist with the combination of healthy eating and exercise.   I’ve continued to use the hula hoop from time to time when I need to lose an inch or two for an upcoming event and it still amazes me with results within a few weeks.

One thing I have yet to do since I lost that fifty pounds years ago was to see what kind of progress I could make if I was to be 100% dedicated to doing the Acu Hoop every day.

Since this blog makes me very accountable for my actions, I will turn that pressure into motivation to stick with this challenge.

So here I am on Day 1.  I just finished my 10 minutes.

My waist is 45 inches.

My fat roll (that sweet spot below the belly button and above the ‘pubic mound’) is 48.5″

I think the smallest I got my waist down to was 35″ so that’s pretty depressing to realize I’ve gone up 10 inches.  What’s crazy though is that my pant size hasn’t really changed!!  How does that work!?

Anyway, I look forward to updating you all on my inch loss soon!  I’ll do another measurement in two weeks from now to see how it’s going!

Here’s the link to the Acu Hoop – http://www.sports-hoop.com/product_sportshoop/SubCategory.aspx?CategoryID=1&SubCategoryID=79

Also, don’t forget to enter for a chance to win a case of popchips! The contest ends Friday at midnight – enter now!