Happy Halloween!

This morning when I walked outside and breathed in the crisp, foggy air, the scent of Petaluma gave off something besides beer brewing from Lagunitas and cow farms – It smelled like Halloween!

You may not agree, but I feel Halloween has a very specific scent to it.  The pumpkins, especially when carved with a lit candle inside, and the anticipation from children to go on their trick-or-treating adventure all seem to combine  to fill the air with excitement and a certain allure that only this holiday can bring.

I already talked about my favorite part of Halloween with my costumes post, but now I want to address one of the other highlights of the holiday:



To be ready for the holiday, homes must be prepared for trick-or-treaters knocking on their doors so they stock up on bags of candy which sit patiently in cabinets, unopened.

Finally, on Halloween night, the bags are opened and poured into giant bowls ready to  be given away without a single sample taken from the home owners.


Hah!  Is any family able to resist opening their Halloween candy early?!  I’ve heard many times how difficult it is NOT to open those bags early!  I know my own household went through a bag of Skittles a few days ago… even though those hard candies were purchased with intent that “no one would eat them because they’re not chocolate.”  Right.

But since this is a health and weight loss blog – I’ve gotta talk more about what else these little nuggets of Halloween happiness is giving to us besides joy dancing on our taste buds.

With the help of the interwebs, I’ve compiled a list of the calorie, sugar, and fat content of some of the USA’s favorite Halloween treats.  For a bigger detailed list, check out this link!


3 Musketeers (fun size) – 63 kcal/10 g of sugar/1.3g  of fat

Kit Kat (fun size) – 70kcal/ 7 g of sugar/2.3 g of fat

Snickers (fun size) – 80kcal/ 8.5 g of sugar/ 1.5 g of fat

M&M’s (fun size bag) – 73kcal/ 7.3 g of sugar/ 2 g of fat

One roll of Smarties – 25kcal/ 6 g of sugar / 0 fat

Small box of NERDS – 50kcal/ 12 g of sugar/ 0 fat

Skittles (fun size bag) – 60kcal/ 11.3 g of sugar/ 0.7 g of fat

Baby Ruth (fun size) – 100kcal/ 11 g of sugar/ 2 g of fat

One Blow Pop – 60kcal/ 13 g of sugar/ 0 fat

Junior Mints (fun size box) – 75kcal/ 14 g of sugar/ 1 g of fat

Starburst  – 40kcal/ 6 g of sugar/ .75 g of fat



In the past 24 hours I’ve already eaten 6 rolls of smarties – that’s an extra 150 calories… which I suppose isn’t as bad as it would be if they were six pieces of Snickers!  But hey, the day is still beginning, right!?


It’s time for me to go carve my pumpkin so I can make one of my other favorite Halloween treats – roasted pumpkin seeds!!!! NOM NOM NOM!


I hope you all have a very happy and safe Halloween and try your best to RESIST THE CANDY TEMPTATION!








Halloween Costumes for the fluffy

A few weeks ago I was randomly inspired to stray away from my typically home-made Halloween costume.  I bought the fabric to sew an epic She-Ra costume but decided I would be too busy to stand over the sewing machine, cursing at my incompetence of threading the bobbin.  So instead of devoting hours of making my eyes strain from delicately threading a needle, I figured I might as well do something easy.  My best friends were up from San Jose for the weekend and we were on a mission for finishing pieces of their costume at the local Halloween stores. To kill time as they picked out their supplies, I decided to try on some costumes.

I liked the idea of being a cop for some reason, so I grabbed a (one plus size fits all) costume along with a few others like Athena, a Flapper dress, and French Maid. As I tried on each costume, I quickly came to the realization  that my plus sized body was not going to be small enough to fit into the costumes, even if they were designed for larger women.

Frustrated, after having to give up each costume individually in shame to exchange for the next, I asked the store clerk, “What costumes do you have for extra-plus sized people? I mean, I know I’m a big girl, but there is certainly bigger than me out there.  What do they do?”

All he could say is that all the costumes were all mixed together and there was no easy way to find bigger costumes.  I believe he managed to just avoid my questions all together with that response.  So I thanked him and walked away, feeling sad that I couldn’t get my  police costume to button all the way up.  Le sigh.

As we walked out, I expressed my disgrace to my best friends about the lack of selection for people beyond size 14-16, even though many citizens of the USA are overweight.   We came to the conclusion that in order for fluffy folks to dress up, we gotta make our own costumes or shell out the big bucks for something online.

Tommy (8)  as some scary dude, Alyssa (11) as a witch, and April (13)  as Mimi from the Drew Carey Show as a princess

Tommy (8) as some scary dude, Alyssa (11) as a witch, and April (13) as Mimi from the Drew Carey Show as a princess

I was fortunate enough to be raised on home-made costumes as a child since my talented grandmother would sew them.  To my mother’s amazement, I still have a few pieces that she made.  Eventually I started coming up with my own costumes and for the past few years have managed to sew some pretty awesome ones.  My favorite was my “Swedish Beer Maiden” costume.  I was always waiting for a year to do it when I was thin enough… but then I decided I was just fine the way I was and I didn’t want to wait any longer to make the costume.  I’m happy I got over my body shame for that costume!

April's homemade beer girl costume and her evil boyfriend, "Coke"

April’s homemade beer girl costume and her evil boyfriend, “Coke”

For this year, I decided to come up with a costume based on my giant box of stuff from the past and am quite excited for Halloween night!  I’ll be working with two of my favorite kids in their super cute costumes and then I’ll be off to see my best friends at the Academy of Science’s Nightlife in San Francisco!  I’m extra stoked because there is going to be a live squid dissection and supposedly, we may get to touch human brains.  Haha!  I’m into that stuff.  I actually have had many visions of my dissecting open ocean animals to dig out the plastic…!  Don’t judge.

Who else is dressing  up this year??!!?!  Have you ever had trouble finding a costume that fits?!

And… would you be stoked to touch a human brain?  (safely in a laboratory?)

I’ll be back on tomorrow with a post about HALLOWEEN CANDY.  Woooooo!

Bye bye!




Cat Tales, Sugar Highs and Candy Cauldrons

Copy Cats!

Hello everyone! How was your Halloween? After a day of sugar, pizza, cheese, mini cupcakes and soda, I can 100% say I’m ready to eat CLEAN! My work put on a great party – excellent for celebrating with my fellow copy cats. (I’m a copywriter and so is every other gal in this photo… so… get it?) They provided pizza, cupcakes, pasta, cookies, candy and soda – a lunch fit for sitting on our butts the rest of the day after! (PS – My pal Amy, second from right, just got engaged!!!! CONGRATS, Amy!)

After work, the party continued at my place where we passed out candy, ate gouda cheese with crackers, and celebrated spooky Halloween! My friend Kozue is in town for a few nights from Japan,  and it was the beautiful Sophie’s birthday, so Julie baked her a delicious funfetti cake. Happy Birthday, Sophie!

After running out of candy last year, Matt and I were prepared and bought two giant sacks from Costco. Good idea to be prepared, right? Or, bad idea to have tons of candy around in the event that we get few tricker treaters? Unfortunately we had way less kids this year – and we ended up with a cauldron full of sour patch kids, swedish fish and various chocolates. Thankfully, the hungry web developers at work have taken care of half of it… other than the mini snickers I just crammed in my mouth.

Party Animals

It was a small, low-key and perfect way to celebrate Halloween – with treasured friends, good conversation and tasty food. But as I said on Monday, now it’s time to get back on track and get down to business. I’m finally down 10 pounds and I don’t want any of it back!

After being on vacation, then getting really sick and now mucking through midterms, I can’t wait to hit the pavement and go for a good heart-pounding run, or zen out in Hatha yoga on Sunday, or sweat to the oldies with Richard Simmons. It’s time. I feel like a slug. It’s not a good feeling.

When the holidays come around, how do you fare? Are you able to resist temptation or are you like me, and struggle a little more with moderation? How’d your Halloween go?

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween, bloggies! These are the pumpkins Matt and I carved. Mine is Oogie Boogie from the Nightmare Before Christmas, and Matt’s is…. some creepy thing with big sharp teeth.

We’re having a small group of friends over to help pass out candy, watch movies and eat treats. Luckily for me, I’m learning that treats don’t all have to be sugary! In addition to the cauldron of Swedish Fish, Sour Patch Kids, Reeses, M&Ms and Twix, we’ll have a giant veggie platter heaping with celery, broccoli, carrots, cauliflower and cucumbers. We also have goat cheese, gouda, light brie and Vinta crackers for a savory nibble.

We would have some of these if they hadn’t all been eaten in a voracious cleaning frenzy… After carving our pumpkins, I washed the seeds to remove the gooey pumpkin guts and tossed them with a little bit of olive oil and some creole seasoning. The result was delicious! Pumpkin seeds have such a fresh, unusual taste to them – and lightly roasting them brings out this wonderful nutty flavor.

I’ve found it a little challenging to eat healthy this week when I’ve been surrounded by candy and junk, but now that I’m finally getting over this horrible cold, I’m excited to head back to the gym and get back into my fitness routine. I’ve been doing okay at keeping my hands out of the candy cauldron, but the hectic pace of the week kept me from doing my best in terms of nutrition.

What do you have planned for Halloween – tricks, treats or none of the above?