The balance of good vs. evil…

I’m a Taurus, which means I’m ruled by the need for luxury, comfort and exquisite taste. When you add a crazy appetite to those lusty traits, my eating gets out of hand fairly quickly.

Salad, cranberries, and COOKIES (Beer and Butter provided for photographic artistry)

Yes, right there by those beautiful handmade salads are trays of homemade oatmeal cookies, courtesy of my bake-happy husband. (And you should taste them, hot holy damn…) My salad was delicious, peppered with chunks of kalmata olives and juicy tomatoes, but give any fat person the choice between a salad and homemade cookies and it’s pretty certain which they’d pick. So, I’m trying to be good, and have only scarfed two of them so far. BUT- if Matt were to disappear and the angel on my shoulder took a bathroom break, you can bet you’d find me with crumbs on my lips and an empty tray in front of me. He’s making them for our grandparents and the wedding guest who gave us a Kitchenaid Stand Mixer, so most of them will vanish from the house by tomorrow morning, but still – TEMPTATION. The hedonistic side of me would rather suffer the torture of being fat than pass up a delicious homemade treat, and that’s why I need to work on my attitude.

A co-worker of mine reminds herself to stay in check with eating by saying “Candy won’t go out of business, Candy will be there next week if I need it, this isn’t the last time I’ll ever get to eat candy.” That motto kinda just doesn’t really work for me, cuz, uh, What if it’s NOT there next week?! What if I get hit by a bus tomorrow or lose my sense of taste? Yes, it certianly would be a tragedy should I die and sit on a cloud in heaven (or a chair in purgatory) and regret not eating just ONE MORE cookie. See? This is 25 years of f*ck-ed up psychology, people.

How do you keep yourself in check with temptation? I usually just give in.