Wacky Workouts: Kickball, Trampolines, Circus School, Crossfit and Roller Derby

One of the hardest things I had to overcome when embarking on this whole “getting fit” thing was learning that exercise did not need to be torture. Sure, it’s work. I’m not so sure I’ll ever be one of those people that bounds out of bed early in the morning, giddy at the thought of putting on a uni-boob-inducing sports bra and working up a nice, healthy sweat. However, I have learned that with a little patience and a little exploration, exercise can actually be FUN! I know, shocking, right?! Here’s a few wacky workouts that have caught my eye the past couple of months.

1) Kickball. One of my coworkers is a member of an award-winning kickball team called the Sofa Kings. Is that not bad ass? Imagine burning calories from something you used to do as a child. Awesome, right?

Image from Kickball.com

2) Crossfit. Crossfit has been sweeping the nation, and until I tried it this weekend, I was mildly terrified at the thought of pushing humvees, jumping on giant boxes and following a strict paleo-only diet. However, after a great and intense workout that was only FOUR MINUTES LONG (yes, you read that right – CrossFit is more about the intensity than the duration), I’m going to check out a Crossfit place near me.


Image from InspiredFitStrong.com

3) Roller Derby. When I saw the Derby Dolls Skate-Off in Los Angeles, I was instantly smitten. These chicks are BAD ASS. Tattooed, tough and totally gorgeus, there were all shapes and sizes rolling around the rink, thrashing each other with their arms and elbows. It looked like one hell of a workout, and one day when I’m brave enough, I’ll put on my quads and give it a go. They even get awesome names like “Laguna Beyatch” and “Betty Blowtorch.” I wonder what my name would be… Lecherous Lyssard? Lyssa Pissa? Haha!

Image from LATbirds.net

4. Jumpsport. Trampolines aren’t just for kiddos anymore. As I saw at FitBloggin’ this weekend, bouncing, jumping, twisting and twirling can give you one heck of a workout, because the spring in your step totally challenges your balance and core. Places are popping up all over the country that offer giant, padded trampoline rooms where you can boing and boing to your heart’s content. I’ve been meaning to check one out with a friend. Sign me up!

Image from LetsMoveItMommas.Blogspot.com

5) Circus School! Kids these days can threaten to run away to the circus and actually DO IT. Fun fact: My mom was in circus camp in high school! Anyhoo, Cirque School in Los Angeles teaches people to work out on aerial bands and ‘introduces students to a combination of aerial and Pilates exercises on the trapeze, fabric and rope.  Students follow a circuit of exercises to increase strength in their core and upper body creating a solid foundation for our Aerial Tricks classes.’ Because this one is local to me, I DEFINITELY need to try this. I’m always in awe of the incredible Cirque-du-soleil style performances I see, and I can’t imagine the strength it must take to dangle your body on an elastic rope and not freak the eff out. I love their motto – for any body with any body.

Image from CirqueSchoolLA.com

So there you have it – five totally wacky and weird workouts that challenge the idea of calorie burning needing to be torturous. Which one would you try first? I think Cirque School or Bounce Camp is calling my name!


A muddy way to work out!

Hi everyone, it’s April! It’s a magical experience when one can successfully combine burning a ton of calories and having a ton of fun at the same time!  My normal idea of a fun work out normally involves hiking up the baby mountains in my area but really the only excitement in that is the gorgeous views and seeing the occasional pair of mating animals.   That exercise does great on my ass and legs but does nothing for my horrible floppy “bingo wings” of arms!

Well, this past weekend I found a way to work out while both having a blast and utilizing EVERY part of my body!  I joined up with two friends to do something called Mud Factor, a 5K mission through mud!  It had a variety of obstacles that you had to climb over, crouch under, and pull yourself up on.  I managed to do every obstacle but two – a 20ft rope wall and a low-triangle-shaped structure to climb over that required other people to push me up the super slippery slope.  After I fell on my first attempt I gave up because there was a huge line of people waiting and I couldn’t bare to have my ass slide down upon all those people yet again!

It turned out that most of the obstacles came with ease and I did not come tumbling down the huge structures like I had first imagined!  I like to think that my climbing skills from my monkey ancestors never really left me and when it comes to doing climbing things with the agility of my legs, I manage pretty well.  My arms, however, not at all.  (which is why I failed at the two obstacles I didn’t do)

Rooting on my friend, Christian, to get up and over one of our first climbing obstacles!

Sadly that very structure pictured did cause me to over extend my left leg and pull a muscle in my thigh which inevitably caused me not to be able to exercise for the next five days. My body was definitely very sore besides my pulled muscle so I know that means I got a great workout!  Plus, it was super fun getting all dirty on purpose!

How about you guys?  What’s the most fun way you’ve ever worked out? Would you do a mud obstacle course?

A very dirty and happy April.

Now that the weekend is here there is another chance to be had with a fun work out.  I hope you guys have one!

Peace and monkeys,


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April’s Hula Hoop Challenge

Hello double chinners!

I am bursting with excitement for joining along with my sister, Alyssa, on this blogging journey through weight loss!  I have decided to challenge myself further by doing a “Hula Hoop 30-Day Challenge”.  Back when I was losing my big chunk of weight I invested in my most precious exercise tool yet – The Acu Hoop!  The Acu Hoop is a three to five pound hula hoop that advertises itself as an easy and fun way to lose inches off the waist with a mere ten minutes a day.

The Acu Hoop


I discovered it while working at the gym and lost nine inches off my waist with the combination of healthy eating and exercise.   I’ve continued to use the hula hoop from time to time when I need to lose an inch or two for an upcoming event and it still amazes me with results within a few weeks.

One thing I have yet to do since I lost that fifty pounds years ago was to see what kind of progress I could make if I was to be 100% dedicated to doing the Acu Hoop every day.

Since this blog makes me very accountable for my actions, I will turn that pressure into motivation to stick with this challenge.

So here I am on Day 1.  I just finished my 10 minutes.

My waist is 45 inches.

My fat roll (that sweet spot below the belly button and above the ‘pubic mound’) is 48.5″

I think the smallest I got my waist down to was 35″ so that’s pretty depressing to realize I’ve gone up 10 inches.  What’s crazy though is that my pant size hasn’t really changed!!  How does that work!?

Anyway, I look forward to updating you all on my inch loss soon!  I’ll do another measurement in two weeks from now to see how it’s going!

Here’s the link to the Acu Hoop – http://www.sports-hoop.com/product_sportshoop/SubCategory.aspx?CategoryID=1&SubCategoryID=79

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Slimmin’ with Simmons

My sister’s visit to Los Angeles meant many things – but among the most important was that we exercise with Richard Simmons! Richard offers classes to the public for $12 at his Beverly Hills Slimmons Studio. The theme on Saturday was MoTown, and as we grooved to “I heard it through the grape vine” and “Twist and Shout”, Richard proved to be his usual enigmatic self and flitted around in his spangled, sequined top.

Richard, Me and April - We're homies!

After a couple of weeks of not exercising slacking off, I was ready for the worst. And while prancing around for an hour and a half was not the EASIEST thing, it was fun, and at the end my body was painfully sore but grateful for a good workout.

Halfway through the class my sister got called out to dance in the circle with Richard! It was fun to see her getting her groove on with Simmons and his famous ‘fro.

One thing I love about Richard Simmons is that he BELIEVES what he’s teaching. While he’s screaming his dirty jokes and simultaneous words of praise, you know he’s doing it for you. He’s not doing it for the paycheck, he’s not doing it for his ego. He’s doing it because he genuinely cares about your health and wants you to be the best you can be. I did my normal boxing class last night, and while it was a good workout, it was just nowhere near as FUN as class with Richard is. Exercise that’s fun is so much more easy to do! If only I could go twice a week!

What do you think – if you came to Los Angeles, would you want to sweat with Richard Simmons?