Compassion: What does it mean to you?

I spend a lot of time on Facebook, way more than the average person. Because it’s my job, I’m always monitoring business pages, writing social content and putting out small little fires. Because I’m on so much, I “see” everything but I often don’t “engage” in the real juicy stuff; the politics, the human rights issues, the opinions about music, bands, fashion. Lately though, I’ve been really bothered by some of the things my Facebook “friends” are posting.

The first came up about a week ago, when somebody commented that they didn’t see how it was possible for a person who regularly runs 5Ks and 10Ks to be overweight. They were discussing how one of their customers is plus-size and “claims” to run 5Ks. They didn’t believe that she actually ran 5Ks because of her size.  As someone who is well on their way to being “fit fat”, I was really offended by the notion that just because somebody is heavy, they’d have to be lying in order to successfully run a 5k. I know many, many larger people in my life who are incredible athletes – marathon runners, body builders, Zumba teachers, Yogis. Is it uncommon for someone who’s big to be in shape? Sure. But if you take the time to get to know big people, not all of us sit on our duffs, lick Cheeto powder off our fingers and lie about running 5Ks. I found it so offensive that she would just assume fat = lazy and incapable of physical activity. Am I being too sensitive?

The second was a post about fat people ordering diet coke as a drink with their fattening meal, and how fat people think obesity is “the solution, not the problem”.  The rare times I have a cheat meal, I order diet coke, because I prefer the taste and it’s less calories. You don’t have to blow EVERYTHING, and a small swap like a diet coke over a regular will save me about 140 calories. When every calorie counts, that’s a lot. I get it, in theory. Sure, it’s about 140 calories, big deal. But this isn’t fair. I want to write on my Facebook how funny it is when skinny people order coke and fries and never gain weight. Why can’t I make fun of your dietary habits, too? But I won’t do that, because I get it. Life is different for everybody. Your diet is your diet, your business. And if you want a diet coke with your fries, so be it.

I guess the point of all this is that so often, I think people forget about COMPASSION. Compassion means taking a few minutes to imagine what life is like in another pair of shoes. As I’ve grown older and cast my net wider, I’ve been fortunate to experience some things that have made me really respect and value the differences in humanity. I don’t value all of them, of course, because bigotry, greed and arrogance are not things I’m compassionate about, but I’ve gone through some things the past few years that have made me really THINK about what things are like for the person on the other side.

My best friend and I were g-chatting today, and she asked how my fitness was going. I told her what I’d been doing and how I felt frustrated seeing so many people have such success on their weight loss journey when it feels like I’m going at a snail’s pace. She said to me “I see how hard you work, and you’re healthy, and I want you to love you for who you are.” That validation felt SO GOOD for me – to know that yeah, I may not be shrinking into a size 12 (YET), but my hard work isn’t going unnoticed.  She gets it. She’s a compassionate person. She gets it.

Have you ever encountered the nasties on Facebook? How do you deal with it? I sometimes wish I could snap back with a witty little line, but I know it’s not worth the time and energy it will take out of me. My sister has a great story about a very similar topic, when she recently called out some jerk for saying that he found it shocking that girls don’t just stop eating when their jeans get tight. Again… a person lacking compassion, who must not know what it feels like to have tight jeans, or maybe, he just doesn’t care. This doesn’t just apply to weight related comments… I see stuff like this all the time, like the person who recently posted that gay people are just looking for attention and the real reason they want to get married is so that they can be on “Divorce Court”. Umm… ok. I respect your freedom to have your own opinions, but really? REALLY? You’re going to typecast a whole group of people with one ridiculous stereotype? Open your mind. Be compassionate.

Today, think about compassion. What does it mean to you? How do you live it? How do you know it?


Celebrating 150 Facebook Fans: Giveaway!

Hi everybody! Thank you so much for visiting my little corner of the internet. It’s truly amazing to know that there’s people out there who actually care what I’m rambling about 🙂 Your support means a lot to me and is going to help me get this weight off (speaking of – on Sunday I hit 9 pounds lost. SO CLOSE!)

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